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Warranty: Conditions and Claims


You must submit your warranty claim online by filling out the below form.

You must inform BAW Automotive (via the online form below) soon as the warranty claim arises and a written description of the fault. You must send BAW Automotive your original proof of purchase or invoice number. Please also supply any supporting evidence.


Subject to the applicable consumer laws in your jurisdiction, you may be liable for all packaging, freight, travel and/or insurance costs for transit of the product/s to BAW Automotive.

If the warranty claim is accepted, BAW Automotive will, subject to the applicable consumer laws in your jurisdiction, at its cost:

  • Repair or replace any faulty parts or rectify any faulty workmanship; and

  • Return the Product to you or the vehicle it was installed to.


    All claims made for a warranty that fall outside the warranty jurisdiction, BAW Automotive ask; For the customer to cover any labour charges incurred by us and outside parties.


    Please complete the fields below and submit ALL required documentation to accompany your warranty claim.

    Was the product bought at and installed at BAW Automotive?
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    Thanks for submitting!

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