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For many, the real thrill of 4WDing is venturing into those untouched wilds, where the horizon seems endless and crowds are fiction. There's nothing quite like stumbling upon a secluded patch, miles from the hustle, where you can munch on a sanga or pitch your tent beneath a canopy of stars. Now, while plunging tyres into mud and embracing the rugged unknown is some folks' idea of heaven, let's face it: sometimes our better halves crave a sprinkle of luxury amidst all that wilderness.

Whether you're on a weekend wanderlust or a month-long expedition, BAW Automotive ensures you're not just roughing it out. Along with top-notch caravanning and towing solutions, we've got you covered (literally!) with our premium range of awnings and quality touring equipment. And when the belly rumbles, our cooking gear turns the great outdoors into a gourmet adventure. Dive into our offerings below! 

a 4WD towing a caravan

Pitch, Pull & Play...

Welcome to the heart of BAW Automotive’s expedition essentials! Whether you're escaping to the wild or gearing up for a caravan holiday, our offerings are your ticket to an enhanced journey. For those hauls and long trails we've got the right gear. 

Clearview Towing Mirrors: These ain’t your average strap-ons. Clearview Mirrors are replacement wonders. No bars, no straps. Designed for the Aussie towing scene, they slip into place using your vehicle’s original fittings. Tailored for tough terrains, they offer a clear view, always!

Reverse Cameras: Boost your rear-vision game. Far superior to standard sensors, our reverse cameras give you peace of mind in reverse. Got a head unit with a camera input? We’ll hook you up. Looking for more? Our superior head units offer inputs for multiple cameras – front, back, even atop that canopy!

LED Safety Flags: Buggy Whip brings you the LED revolution in safety flags. Ditch the mundane; light up your trails with our LED whips available in vibrant colours and sizes of 4FT or 6FT. It's safety with a dash of sass!

Tow-Pro Electric Brake Controllers by REDARC: Braking redefined. Featuring proportional mode inertia sensing, these controllers ensure seamless, safe braking. Tailored to suit most trailer braking scenarios, they're your silent guardians on those long roads.

Recovery Gear: When the terrain gets tough, our top-tier recovery gear steps in. Whether it's getting out of a tight spot with our robust recovery boards, heavy duty recovery points or pulling a heavy load with our powerful winches, we've got your back.

At BAW Automotive, we're not just about gear; we're about solutions. Towing your trailer, caravan, or camper trailer shouldn't be a gamble. We understand that every journey has its unique challenges, which is why we provide an extensive range of equipment and upgrades tailored to ensure you tow with confidence. Safety isn't a mere afterthought; it's embedded in every product we offer. So whether you're headed for the rugged outback or the serene coastlines, with BAW Automotive by your side, you're geared up for a seamless and secure towing experience. After all, adventures are meant to thrill, not to test your towing mettle!

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From replacement towing mirrors to cutting-edge fridge slides.

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