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Ready to ditch the pavement and embrace the dirt? Sure, stock 4WDs come off the lot thinking they're the bee's knees, but we know there's a rugged beast inside just itching to be unleashed! Dive into our epic 4x4 accessories to turn your rig from 'pretty decent' to 'dirt-dominating dynamo'!

A close up of a man loading a Yakima Ruggedline

Accessorise Before You Aggress-orise: Gear Up for Gritty Adventures

Think your 4WD came fully loaded? Think again, mate! While she might look snazzy off the lot, there's a world of upgrades that'll transform your rig from 'street sleek' to 'trail beast'. Let’s give your ride the teeth it deserves.


Beefed-Up Bits You're Probably Missing Out On:

  • Recovery Points That Actually Recover: Ditch those dainty tie-downs that came stock. We’re talking real load-rated recovery points that won’t bail on you when things get mucky.

  • Bash Plates: Fancy a bit of rough and tumble? Protect your 4WD’s underbelly from those nasty knocks with our Aussie-made bash plates – in snazzy powder-coated steel or stainless.

  • 4WD Recovery Gear: From ropes to winches, we've got the top-tier, Aussie-designed and international gear to yank you out of any pickle.

  • Super Size Your Fuel: Our long-range fuel tanks let you go the extra mile. Or several hundred. More adventure, fewer pit stops.

  • Snorkels That Actually Breathe: Partnered with Safari 4x4, we swear by their V-SPEC and ARMAX™ snorkels. Engineered for peak airflow and performance, these bad boys let your engine gulp down air while wading through the wet.


From robust UHF systems ensuring you're never out of touch, to essential water tanks that keep you hydrated on those lengthy desert drives, we've got the gear that truly matters. Crave more muscle? Consider our heavy-duty winches and offroad jacks, ready to lift and pull you out of any tight spot. It's the ultimate arsenal - the gear your 4WD's been whispering in your ear about every time you rev up. Whether you're keen to pack on more power, gear up for that epic journey, or just step up your 4WD game, BAW is your pit stop. Come on, mate! Let's transform that ride into the trail-conquering beast it was born to be!

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