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auto electrician wiring car dashboard
An Apprentice mechanic working on a 12V System


Navigate the 4WD world with BAW's expert 12V Auto Electrical services! Our trade-qualified electricians ensure your installation is top-notch, gearing you up for any adventure. We bring you modern solutions, professional experience, and a quality finish, letting your 4WD shine and making every exploration a breeze!


Supercharge Your Adventures with Peak Power 12V Systems.

For the rugged 4WD enthusiasts who live for the thrill of offroad adventures, having relentless power is a game-changer, especially when setting up camp in the wild unknown. At BAW Automotive, we're the go-to guys in 4WD Auto Electrical mastery, aiding you in locking down the right battery—be it Calcium, AGM, or Lithium—that suits your 4x4 beast, guaranteeing your deep cycle batteries and 12-volt systems are battle-ready and durable. We get it—you want to conquer the untamed trails of the Australian outback without losing out on the comforts of civilization. We provide top-notch 12-volt system upgrades and solutions, ensuring you don’t miss out on a bit of luxury while you're roughing it out in the wilderness. Our elite solar panels promise extended battery life, a crucial ally for those long sojourns in the bush, empowering uninterrupted exploration. Are you a connoisseur of fine coffee even in the wild? Allow us to amplify your offroad journey by installing a power-packed inverter, enabling you to bring along your 240-volt appliances and ensuring your 4x4 is primed and prepped to face every adventure with unparalleled zeal and energy.

A man working on electrical system for a 4wd

Our seasoned team of experts specialises in bespoke 4x4 modifications and fit-outs, meticulously incorporating top-notch Australian brands to engineer your ultimate touring companion. We integrate esteemed brands like Redarc, Enerdrive, Victron, Projecta, Cangoee, and Invicta to provide a spectrum of premier solutions tailored to your 4x4 needs, ensuring a seamless blend of quality and performance. We offer a varied selection of deep cycle batteries, including calcium, AGM, and lithium, ensuring we have the ideal solution tailored to your specific needs. At BAW, we do more than just assemble 4x4s; we design experiences, enhancing your adventures with unmatched reliability and robust power!

Auto electrician working
Close up of 12V wiring
12V system in a Caravan
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