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drawer setup in 76 series with fridge
A warehouse employee ordering 4x4 Parts


Dive into the world of seamless organisation and unyielding durability! At BAW, we recognise that every adventurer needs a reliable storage system as much as they crave the wild adrenaline of the Outback. Our drawers and storage solutions ensure your gear stays put and at hand, so you can focus on the journey ahead, conquering terrains with everything in its rightful place.


Stash 'n Dash: Gear Up and Go with BAW's Ultimate Storage Solutions!

Dive deep into the heart of tailored storage, where precision meets rugged Aussie tenacity. At BAW Automotive, we're not just about championing Australia's harshest terrains; we're about mastering the organised beast within your 4x4. Here's what we're serving up


MODULAR DRAWER SYSTEMS: Sleek yet sturdy, tailored to your every whim. The perfect fit for the bloke who likes his gear exactly where he wants it.


SLIDE KITCHEN: Reckon you're a bush masterchef? Unleash your culinary prowess anywhere, anytime. From stainless steel benchtops to quick-as-a-flash portable gas stoves, we've got the gear that’ll make even the most seasoned traveller a tad envious.


CUSTOM ROOF AND CENTRE CONSOLES: Keep your prized possessions elevated and within easy reach. Because let's be honest, who has the time to fumble around?


ROOF RACKS: Take on the mighty Outback with confidence, knowing your essentials are stored safe and sound, and primed for any adventure.


CARGO BARRIERS & RACK DIVIDERS: Got precious cargo? Ensure it stays put, especially when the going gets rough. Our Modular Roller Drawer System isn’t just about safety; it's about redefining storage.


CARGO BAGS & ORGANISERS: Forget the Tetris struggle. With our top-tier organisers, every item has its place, making packing a breeze.

Got an out-of-the-box idea itching at the back of your mind? At BAW, we’re all ears. Throw us your most audacious storage dreams, and watch us bring them to life. Because at BAW, we don’t just meet standards - we set 'em.

A Landcruiser with cusom storage
4x4 drawers
a ford ranger with custom storage and drawers
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