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Welcome to the realm where your rugged 4WD behemoth gets the throne it rightfully demands, from bonnet to boot! Picture this: an interior where every bit of gear knows its rank, with robust roof consoles ensuring your essentials are bunkered down in macho style – no mid-air munchies on those bumpy bush-bashing escapades! Dive into BAW’s dominion of configurations, where floor and side consoles don’t merely store but uplift and flex, and where upholstery isn’t just a skin, but a bold proclamation of indulgence. From fierce dual tones to that wickedly worn distressed effect, we’re weaving your attitude into every thread of your journey. Strap in, lads – it’s set to be a sumptuously savage expedition!

An interior of a Landcruiser with custom leather seats

Because Your Bum Deserves Better on Those Bumpy Trails

Fasten those seatbelts and adjust your mirrors, folks! We’re here to take you on a riotous ride into the lush, wild jungle of... your vehicle's interior?! That’s right, welcome to BAW Automotive’s luxurious landscape of after-market interior upgrades, where your 4x4 doesn’t just run like a beast but lounges like a king!

Cosy Up in Custom Comfort: We’re talking thrones designed for the off-road royalty that you are! Our seat upgrades aren’t just about keeping your behind comfy; they’re about asserting your majestic presence on every rugged road and serene sunset view Australia has to offer! We are proud to work with the elite brands in the biz, we bring your wildest automotive dreams to life, sourcing virtually anything your heart (or your 4x4) desires!

Consoles that Conquer Chaos: Defying the laws of storage and space, our roof and floor consoles laugh in the face of gravity and rugged roads alike! Crafting castles in your cabin, we safeguard your treasures up above and down below, ensuring no unexpected escape acts mid-adventure. Your headroom and legroom? They’re serenaded with sweet promises of spaciousness and comfort. Buckle up for a neat, secure, and wildly organised ride with us

Style, Meet Functionality: Where Luxurious Retrimming & Practicality Unite! Our meticulous re-trimming, crafted to amplify the vibe of your 4WD, elevates door cards, seats, and more into a realm where rugged meets refined. Whether it’s a centre console morphing into a fridge or sprouting extra cupholders for those ‘absolutely necessary’ road trip beverages, we curate a space where every detail is not only a nod to style but a high-five to unwavering functionality. BAW ensures your ride’s interior is not just a seat, but a throne fitting for the off-road royalty you are

Here, every twist and turn brings you luxury, every bump is a reminder of the fortress you're riding in, and every new horizon is a backdrop to the sheer comfort enveloped around you. Our interior solutions don’t just follow the journey; they enhance it, providing a fortress of comfort and style amidst the wild unpredictability of the Aussie landscapes.

Get ready to twirl that steering wheel with newfound zeal, ‘cause BAW is here to ensure that the inside of your 4x4 is as breathtaking as the adventures awaiting outside! Your vehicle’s interior is about to get a serious upgrade – it's not just a seat; it's your throne. It's not just a roof; it's your shield. So let’s get that cabin fever in check and delve deep into the plush, rugged world of BAW interior solutions, where every journey is first-class.

A custom centre console in a 4x4
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