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Warnie working on a hoist
Warnie Woking on a 4WD


Venturing through the rugged terrains of the great outdoors demands more than just brute power – it calls for vision, quite literally. At BAW, we've made it our mission to ensure you're not just driving, but leading the way with unmatched clarity. Teaming up with the industry's top lighting brands, we make sure you're brilliantly equipped from hood to tailgate, ensuring you’re always in the spotlight... literally. 

Shine Bright with the Masters of 4WD Illumination!


Navigating the wild terrains at night or through challenging conditions like dense fog? The power of clarity can't be underestimated. At BAW Automotive, we're not just about conquering trails; we're about illuminating them brilliantly. Whether it's LEDs, spotlights or more, our vast selection of 4WD lighting solutions guarantees to not just light up your path but to redefine your night-time driving experience.


We boast a premium assortment of 4x4 lighting options, ranging from LED kits, dynamic spotlights, and robust light bars to innovative smart light harnesses and beyond. And let's talk brands – with stalwarts like Lightforce, Roadvision, and NARVA in our arsenal, it's evident why we're the go-to experts for advice and installation. Dive into our collection, offering varied hues, intensities, and beam configurations to cater to your every nocturnal adventure. With BAW Automotive, darkness doesn't stand a chance!

In the world of 4WD lighting, the quality of installation is just as crucial as the equipment itself. Entrusting this task to a qualified auto electrician isn't just a matter of getting the lights to turn on—it's about ensuring the longevity, efficiency, and safety of your entire electrical system. Amateur installations can lead to complications like electrical shorts, fused circuits, or even potential fire hazards. Plus, an expert touch guarantees that your lights operate at their peak performance, ensuring optimum visibility and reliability. At BAW Automotive, our seasoned auto electricians have honed their skills over countless installations, giving them the expertise to tackle any challenge and ensure that your rig's lighting shines bright and safe, night after night


Close up of Roadvision Spotlights
An offroad lightbar
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