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Shocks and GVM Suspension on a 4x4
A mechanic working on Coil Springs


At BAW we're all about giving your 4x4 and caravan the strength and stamina it deserves with top-notch GVM and suspension upgrades. Rolling with the best brands in Australia, we make sure your ride’s backbone is as rugged as the adventures you tackle. Ensuring every trip is smooth sailing and your 4WD is ready for the long haul!


Elevate Your Ride with Strut-tacular Suspensions & GVM Upgrades!

Elevate your 4WD or Caravan's performance and durability with our comprehensive GVM and suspension upgrades. At BAW Automotive, we recognise the significance of ensuring your vehicle operates within its legal limits, not just for compliance but for optimal safety, warranty assurance, and insurance validity. Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) is more than just a term; it represents the maximum weight your fully-loaded vehicle can bear, as specified by its manufacturer. This encompasses everything — from the vehicle's inherent weight, the fuel it carries, to passengers and vital 4x4 accessories. And if you're someone who's frequently towing, remember, GVM also accounts for elements like tow hitches and the weight transferred from your trailer or caravan.

However, understanding your GVM is just the first step. It's essential to ensure your vehicle remains within these prescribed limits, not only to avoid potential legal complications but more crucially, to guarantee the safety of all onboard. Any vehicle exceeding its GVM is considered unroadworthy, and in the event of an accident, it might not meet insurance stipulations. Safety isn't a gamble, and with us, it's a guarantee. But what if your adventures demand more? That’s where our GVM upgrade services come into play. With a BAW-approved GVM upgrade, you can legally and efficiently bolster your vehicle's load capacity without compromising on its performance or maneuverability. And if you're looking to enhance that ride quality further, our suspension upgrades ensure every journey is smoother, more stable, and in sync with the terrains you love exploring.

Our dedication to providing unmatched quality extends to our collaborations. We are proud associates of some of the industry's leading brands, a testament to our commitment to source and deliver only the finest solutions to our clientele.

At BAW Automotive, every upgrade isn’t just a service; it's a commitment to excellence, precision, and an unwavering focus on your needs. Navigate through our offerings and let's gear up your 4WD for journeys that are safer, longer, and undeniably epic.

A 79 Series with a 3900 GVM Upgrade

At BAW Automotive, our commitment to excellence is reflected not just in the services we offer but also in the distinguished brands we associate with. We are immensely proud to partner with industry leaders in GVM and suspension upgrades, including Superior Engineering, Tough Dog, Dobinsons, Bilstein, and several other esteemed brands. This collaboration ensures that when you entrust us with your 4WD's suspension needs, you're receiving a product of the highest quality, backed by the expertise of some of the industry’s most reputable names. It's not just an upgrade; it's a testament to our pursuit of automotive perfection.

Close up of suspension
Close up of coils

Raising the Bar (and Your 4WD!): Elevate Responsibly!

When it comes to beefing up your 4WD, not just any lift kit will do. Each kit is tailored to deliver unique performance, and it's crucial to pick the one that syncs with your beast's rhythm. We've handpicked a lineup of the best brands on the market, ensuring versatility for every road warrior's situation.

The limit a vehicle's ride height can be increased by a combination of tyre diameter and suspension. All vehicle lifts have a maximum allowable increase they can achieve (maximum suspension lift 75mm, maximum tyre diameter increases 50mm). The maximum total combined lift of the vehicle cannot exceed 150mm (in Queensland). Please be aware the maximum allowable limits specified above are not applicable to all vehicle types and can vary from state to state. Still want more information? Well here's a handy link we've prepared just for you!

For more information on QLD state regulated vehicle modifications, please see this link

Dobinsons suspension kit

Springs, Suspension and so much more... 

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