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mechanic working a gearbox with car on a hoist
The underneath carriage of a 4WD


First off, let's get something straight - we're all about keeping things kosher with your factory warranty. Here at BAW Automotive, we're not in the business of throwing curveballs. We recommend only the finest, warranty-friendly upgrades. Let’s keep it real; peeking under the bonnet isn't in our daily yoga routine, so things can slip past us. But before you dream of turbo-charging into the sunset, there are a few little secrets hidden under there that’ll make your ride purr for years. We’ve thrown together some nuggets of wisdom below - some might seem like total "duh" moments, but trust us, they’re the backbone of a sleek, sweet ride.


Gentlemen... or Women for that matter. Start your engines and get Amped-Up Rides.

Ever pondered how to take your turbo diesel beast from "meh" to "mighty"? Well, ponder no more! We get blokes marching in daily, asking about the secret sauce for pumping up that engine performance. The recipe? It's not just one size fits all. Your rig’s got its quirks, and our approach is tailored to match. From beefy exhaust systems, cooling intercoolers, and rugged clutches to the magical world of software & tuning - we've got the tools and the tricks. And hey, we're not just about flexing those engine muscles; we're also about stretching that fuel dollar. Improved performance isn’t just about roaring power; it's about making your 4WD purr smoothly on every ride. So, let BAW give your engine that secret handshake it's been waiting for and watch it become the king of the road! Ever heard the saying, "You get what you pay for?" or "Cheap thrills can be expensive spills"? Those aren’t just catchy phrases – they're gospel when it comes to performance upgrades. Skimping on quality when boosting your engine's power? That's a one-way ticket to Breakdownsville and an empty wallet. That's why we're picky about our brands. We only roll with the best because we believe your ride deserves nothing less. So trust us when we say, with BAW, you're in top gear.

A photo of 4WD cars with Safari Snorkels


Ever thought of giving your 4WD a bit of a nose lift? Enter the mighty snorkel – not just a popular addition, but an essential one for serious off-roaders! A snorkel does more than making your rig look tough; it elevates your air intake, ensuring your engine breathes in only the cleanest air, free from dust and water's sneaky advances. But here's the twist - the modern-day snorkels we fit aren’t just about clean air; they're about more air. Think of it like supercharging your 4WD's lungs. The logic is simple: more air + more fuel = more power. By equipping your vehicle with a high-flow snorkel from BAW, you're ensuring it's not just inhaling, but power-breathing.

Exhaust Systems

Ever felt like your 4WD's just holding its breath a bit too much? That's likely because stock exhausts aren't typically designed for performance peaks; they often feel like a tight collar on an English Bulldog. What your beast needs is a bit of breathing room. Upgrading your exhaust system lets your turbo diesel inhale and exhale more freely, cutting down that exhaust gas temperature and injecting a fresh pulse of performance into every rev. The premium exhaust systems we install are not only mandrel-bent for perfect flow but are tailored to the heartbeats of different engines. Dive into our handpicked range of top-notch exhausts, each echoing the raw power your 4WD truly deserves.


Think of the standard clutch as the gym newbie – good for regular routines, but not quite ready for the heavy lifting. When you crank up your engine's power, it's like tossing extra weights onto the barbell. The standard clutch might manage for a bit, but it'll soon struggle to keep up. That's where heavy-duty clutches come into play. Built for those added horses under the hood, they offer superior clamping prowess to handle the amped-up torque and power, making sure every gear shift is as smooth as a whiskey on the rocks. Depending on your ride and the level of performance tweaks, upgrading to a robust clutch is often a no-brainer. 


Picture the stock intercooler as that old, wheezy air conditioner in your granny's living room - it does the job, but barely. Most turbo-diesels come factory-fitted with these 'good-enough' intercoolers, crafted for mass production and not precisely the epitome of performance. Now, enter the upgraded intercooler: it's like the latest, high-tech AC unit. It feeds your engine with crisp, dense air, optimizing its efficiency like a champ. Even if your 4WD is rocking the standard specs, this upgrade can rev up its potential. And if you're all about boosting performance? A superior intercooler combined with ECU tuning turns your ride into a beast that's cooler in more ways than one!

A close up of an ECU in a vehicle
A Torqit Exhaust on the back of a 4WD
A Safari Armax Clutch under a car

Fuel Filters
Think of modern turbo diesel engines like a gourmet chef – they're picky about the quality of what goes in. Bad fuel can be like a bad ingredient, causing real havoc. But here's the hack: To ensure your ride stays smooth and free from unexpected (and expensive) pit stops, consider an additional fuel filter. It acts like a vigilant security guard, keeping water and debris from gatecrashing your fuel system party. Comparing the small investment to the potential huge repair bills, it's like buying top-notch insurance at a bargain rate.

Catch Cans

Picture this: black sludge setting up camp in your turbo diesel's intake system. Yuck, right? This uninvited guest is born when oil from crank case pressure joins a party with carbon from exhaust gases. Left unchecked, this nasty mix can sour your engine's mood, cramping its performance, and cutting its life short. But here's the game-changer: a catch can. It's like the bouncer of your engine's club, stopping that oil before it can sneak into the intake system. Result? A cleaner, happier, and more efficient engine groove.

ECU Upgrades
When we talk ECU upgrades, we're all about the Safari ARMAX ‘X Series’ Engine Control Unit (ECU). It's like having a maestro tuning your vehicle's engine to produce a harmonious symphony of power, torque, responsiveness and turbo lag. It doesn't just stop at making sweet music – it comes with sophisticated protection systems, ensuring your vehicle's components are always in sync and safe. With its 5 pre-set maps, customization capabilities, and easy installation, the ARMAX ECU is the full concert, tailored for your 4x4's best performance encore. No encores, no add-ons – just pure, refined performance.

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