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Revving up for an off-road adventure or just kickin' dirt in the wild yonder? At BAW Auto, we don't just soup up your ride; we're kindred spirits when it comes to the call of the wild! From newbie campers to seasoned bushmen, we've got the gear to amplify your outdoor escapades. So, buckle up and pitch that tent - nature's calling, and we've got your back!


Gear Up, Chow Down: Your One-Stop Camp-tastic Shop

Embrace the call of the wild with BAW Auto as your trusty companion on every outdoor escapade! From the vast Australian outback to coastal campfires under starry nights, we understand the essence of camping deep in our engine-oiled hearts. Beyond just creating rugged off-road beasts, our passion extends to ensuring every adventurer has the right gear for their journey. At BAW, we're not just about metal and horsepower. We're about the stories you'll tell around the campfire, the laughter that echoes through the trees, and the memories crafted in nature's embrace. Whether you're chasing the horizon on an epic road trip or setting up base at a local campsite, we've got the camping and outdoor gear tailored to your wanderlust. Our expansive collection boasts the finest tents for solo travelers or family gatherings, the comfiest camping chairs to sink into after a long day, and swags that blend comfort with rugged durability. Fancy leveling up your campsite culinary skills? Say no more. We've got a curated collection of gas cooking equipment, utensils, and BBQ accessories that will make you the culinary legend of the outdoors. But that's not where the journey ends. Our arsenal includes a plethora of products, ensuring every trip you embark upon is not just another outing but an epic saga to be remembered.

A group of people camping

At BAW, we're proud ambassadors of brands that resonate with our ethos of quality, durability, and style. Dive into our treasure trove, featuring industry bigwigs like:

  • Darche: For the wanderers and dreamers.

  • Navigator: Charting adventures since forever.

  • The Bush Company: Making wild journeys comfortable.

  • Destination 4WD: For those who prefer the road less traveled.

  • MSA: Because every adventure deserves a touch of luxury.

  • Camec: Crafting memories on the go.

  • Proquip: Fueling your wanderlust.

  • MyCoolman: The cool companion every camper needs.

  • Travel Buddy: Every traveler's dream mate.

  • Boss Aluminium: Tough meets style.


...and a plethora of others awaiting your discovery.

So when you think camping and outdoors, let BAW be your first port of call. Because with us, it's not just about the journey; it's about crafting tales worth telling.

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