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A mechanic installing 4wd accessories
A mechanic working on a Ute


While the thrill of adventure is unmatched, maintaining your vehicle's appearance shouldn't be an afterthought. In collaboration with some of Brisbane's finest, we offer top-tier paintwork, protection, and tinting services. Our mission? To ensure that no matter where your adventures take you, your ride looks as fresh as the day it first roared to life. Dive in to discover how we keep your beast looking its best, both inside and out.


Gleam, Glisten & Go: For 4WDs that stand out like dogs balls. 

When it comes to safeguarding your 4WD beast from the wilds of the Outback to the city's hustle, BAW Automotive has got the muscle and know-how. Ever thought of how a ceramic coating or window tint could beef up your vehicle's defences? They’re not just about the aesthetics; they’re your ride’s first line of defence against the harsh elements.

Craving a bolder look? Whether it’s a sleek vinyl wrap, a complete paint job overhaul, or giving chrome the boot with a chrome delete – we're your go-to crew, but we don't stop there! Slide into custom-fitted seat covers and robust floor mats; designed for those who aren’t afraid of a bit of mud and grime.

After the off-road conquests, our detailing pros are on standby to erase every trace of your escapades, ensuring your 4WD looks as fierce as day one. With chassis painting that exceeds factory standards, using 2PAC baked enamel and cavity wax rust protection, we've got the tech and the touch. From ERPS electronic rust prevention to that glossy ceramic paint protection, we've got the gear to ensure your 4WD is not just turning heads, but also ready for the next adventure. Dive into the world of top-tier treatments at BAW Automotive and let your rig roar louder!

A Large Caravan with signwriting. Double Axle
a landcruiser with window tint
a wrapped troopy
close up of chrome delete
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