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A Sub Woofer
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There’s a universal understanding amongst custom 4x4 builders that an upgraded stereo or head unit is almost as essential as the rig itself. Hours spent traversing Australia's diverse landscapes demand the ultimate off-road audio experience, enhancing every moment on the open road. With our top-tier sound systems, you'll revel in the rich tones and booming bass as you soak in Australia’s breathtaking views, ensuring every journey is as entertaining as the destination


Bass Tracks & Trailblazers: 4x4 Audio Visual Upgrades for Off-Road Rhythms

To achieve a truly immersive sound experience and a ‘wow’ factor interior, start by soundproofing your 4WD. Once that's established, we suggest upgrading to a head unit equipped with a reverse camera, paired with front and rear speakers, and finally, enhancing it with a discreetly located subwoofer and amplifier.

With a myriad of brands and options in the market, we’ve sifted through numerous head units, speakers, and amplifiers, rigorously testing them to ensure you receive top-notch, standout audio solutions tailored to your needs.

Once the acoustics are enhanced, delving into sound deadening is the next logical step to elevate your auditory experience to the next level. Sound deadening is not merely a luxury; it’s an adventure in itself, ensuring that every journey is accompanied by crisp, clear, and vibrant sound, undisturbed by the outside world or the hum of your 4WD. Sound deadening works by reducing the vibrations and noises produced during travel, allowing for a more enriched and detailed sound reproduction. It transforms your vehicle into a moving symphony, where every note is heard in its purest form, and every beat is felt more intensely. At BAW Automotive, we meticulously implement sound deadening techniques, utilising high-grade materials to ensure that the only vibrations you feel are from the music resonating through your enhanced audio system, making every drive an unforgettable sonic experience. Whether cruising through rugged landscapes or conquering untamed trails, you'll be enveloped in sound that’s just as thrilling as your adventures.

A man installing sound deadening to a Jimny
installing a stereo to a 4x4
Sound Deadening in a 4WD
Adding a sound system to a vehicle
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