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mechanics working on multiple cars in a workshop
Brent working on a vehicle


Diving into the world of 4WD can be exhilarating, especially when you're looking to purchase a brand-new vehicle and tailor it to your unique style. At BAW Automotive, we offer an unparalleled Build Management service, ensuring your 4x4 dreams are seamlessly turned into reality. Don't just purchase, personalise!

From the moment you decide on your 4WD, we're here to streamline the customisation process. Instead of juggling multiple contacts, let us work closely with you. Our team, renowned for its expertise, will coordinate with you, ensuring that your vehicle's design, fit, and finishes align perfectly with your vision.


Dream It, BAW It, Drive It: The Ultimate 4X4 Builders


Ever heard the saying “too many cooks in the kitchen”? Simply put, it's too many people working on the same project, which ends up ruining the final product. We've seen this time and time again with many vehicles. Multiple workshop builds on the one vehicle, regularly end with a less than satisfactory result. Whether it's BAW Automotive or another business, we encourage you to choose ONE workshop to complete your build. Would you let a GP, a Physio and an Optometrist operate on you in a theatre? Probably not. Sure, all are doctors - but in the end, it just makes sense to trust it to a surgeon and his team. Your dream vehicle needs to live up to that ideal you’ve envisioned for so long. Having multiple workshops (with no cohesive plan) makes this a nearly impossible to meet the expectations of finish you may have wanted for your dream 4x4.

What makes our workshop different?

Our industry professionals are all trade qualified and care. We all know the difference between a good and a bad tradesman. A good tradesman isn’t just technically excellent, they treat every job with the respect it deserves and like it was their own vehicle. You're not just another number. From the moment you start the journey, we consider you part of the family. Our team are constantly learning to ensure you’re getting the best service, advice and quality of work available. 

Our design and sales team are experts in 4X4 accessories?

We don’t just talk about the accessories, we use them. With a combined knowledge of over 20 years in the automotive industry, our sales and design team are experts in all they do. The advice we give you for modifications and accessories, comes from the knowledge of personally using these products in our own vehicles. We have great relationships with many leading suppliers to help give you the most accurate information on the products we sell and install.

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