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Ever fantasised about blending the plush comforts of a Landcruiser or Patrol with the spacious practicality of a ute? Whether you are envisioning building a familial tourer, undertaking the ultimate lap towing a caravan, or simply need the ample space for tools or your motorbike, a dual-cab conversion is your ticket to a world of enhanced automotive versatility!


Chopped Mastery: Dual Cab Conversions for Supreme Space & Rugged Luxury

At BAW Automotive, we specialise in transforming your automotive dreams into reality, offering practical and superior solutions to cater to your unique needs. We meticulously craft experiences, empowering your journeys by converging unparalleled reliability, power, and space! By leveraging the expertise of Creative Conversions, a maestro in conversions, we bring you the best of both worlds: the luxury of a premium SUV and the functional space of a ute, seamlessly integrated to get you adventure and work ready. With a legacy spanning 30 years and thousands of successful ‘chopped vehicle’ conversions executed right in Brisbane, we not only alter vehicles but also elevate your overall driving experience.


It’s not just about adding more room; it’s about amplifying your vehicle's potential and tailoring it to suit your adventurous lifestyle, ensuring you can build and drive the 4WD you’ve always desired. Whether you crave the sophistication of the best large SUVs Australia has to offer or yearn to explore the unknown terrains, our dual-cab conversions, and chassis extensions are your gateway to a world where luxury meets ruggedness!

Amy's Chopped 200 Series Landcruiser
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