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Give your 200 Series LandCruiser the edge with Stockwell Automotive’s Dual Speed Stocklock Kit. This comprehensive kit is designed to enhance your driving experience by optimising torque converter lock-up control for smoother, more efficient transitions in your cruiser.


Key Features:

  • Dual-Speed Control: Engages the torque converter lock up solenoid in higher gears (4th, 5th, and 6th) from 82km/hr, disengaging at 78km/hr in high-speed mode. In low-speed mode, it locks from 32km/hr in gears 2nd through 6th and disengages at 28km/hr, perfect for adapting to both highway cruising and off-road conditions.
  • Easy Integration: Requires only one switch blank hole in the dash for installation, maintaining a clean and integrated look.
  • Complete Kit: Includes everything – a dual-speed unit, heat shrink, fasteners, adhesive Velcro, an 8mm eye terminal, plus operation guide. All components are tailored to ensure a seamless fit and reliable performance.
  • Safety First: Comes with a load-tested fuse holder featuring a 7.5amp fuse and a spare, ensuring your system is protected under all conditions.
  • Versatile Mounting: Features 100mm of adhesive-backed Velcro for secure mounting on the transmission tunnel and fasteners for resistor mounting on the dash support.
  • Flexibility: Includes a jump plug allowing you to revert the transmission back to standard settings if desired.

This kit isn't just about upgrades; it's about transforming your vehicle’s performance to meet the demands of any adventure. Plus, the price includes professional installation by our expert team at BAW Auto, ensuring that your LandCruiser is in the best hands. Elevate your ride with Stockwell Automotive’s Dual Speed Stocklock Kit – where technology meets terrain.


This price is inclusive of product and full installation at the BAW Automotive workshop. 


Stocklock Torque Converter Control Module for Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series

GST Included
  • This all-inclusive package not only covers the cost of the Stockwell Automotive Dual Speed Stocklock Kit but also ensures a professional installation right here at BAW Auto. Our experienced technicians will equip your LandCruiser with precision, guaranteeing that the system integrates seamlessly with your vehicle. So, you pay once, and we handle the rest—supply and install, all under the roof of our trusted workshop. Let us take care of the details while you gear up for smoother rides and more efficient journeys.

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