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Introducing our durable 4x4 mudflaps, designed to protect your vehicle from dirt, mud, and debris while off-roading. Made from heavy-duty materials, these mudflaps are built to withstand the toughest conditions.


Their 4x4 size provides maximum coverage for your tires and wheel wells, ensuring that your vehicle stays clean and free from damage. Easy to install, they'll easily attach them to your vehicle and the sleek black finish complements every vehicle color. Whether you're hitting the trails or just want to keep your ride looking good, the BAW 4x4 mudflaps are the perfect addition to your off-road arsenal. 

BAW 4X4 Mudflaps

GST Included
  • Durable as they come and full rubber. Made in Australia. Sold as a pair

    • Measures 350mm x 300mm

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