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Listen up, road warriors! It's time to elevate your camping and offroad game with the BAW Auto RV Step. We’ve thrown this bad boy through the wringer, tested it in the wild, and guess what? It’s come out on top, every single time. We’re talking top-shelf quality that screams BAW Auto – because we settle for nothing less. Why do we back it so hard? Simple. We’re not just peddling these steps; we’re using them. Every trip, every wild camping adventure, these steps are there, making life on the road a breeze. Trust us; your caravan and cruiser are begging for this upgrade.

Get your hands on a BAW Auto RV Step, and step into comfort, safety, and style. It's the upgrade you didn't know you needed, but won't be able to live without.


• Powder coated aluminium tread with extruded grip
• Product dimensions when opened 63cm x 41cm x 22cm
• Weighs 2kg
• Weight rating to 120kg
• Folds flat for easy storage (48cm x 30cm x 7cm)
• Steel alloy legs in BAW Green

BAW RV Folding Step

GST Included
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