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Warnie and Brent are Headed to The Finke Desert Race!

2 men standing in Finke, Alice Springs
The boys are packed and ready to roll with the best in the business at the 2024 Finke Desert Race

Pack your bags, grab your swag, and get ready for some serious off-road action! Our very own Warnie and Brent are gearing up for the Tatts Finke Desert Race, and they’re taking you along for the ride. These legends will be hanging out with the Method Race Wheels crew, soaking up the vibes of one of the wildest, most iconic off-road races in Australia.

What Is The Finke Desert Race?

Finke isn’t just any race; it’s the Tatts Finke Desert Race, baby! This two-day, multi-terrain race rockets through the desert from Alice Springs to the tiny Aputula (Finke) Community. Imagine tearing through the ancient Finke River – the oldest river in the world – with over 600 competitors, each vying for the title of "King of the Desert." Held every year on the King’s Birthday long weekend (second weekend in June), Finke is the richest Off-Road Race in Australia and one of the toughest courses on the planet. It’s a rare gem that brings together people from all walks of life, all ready to have the most fun you can have with a helmet on!

Finish line of the Finke desert Race
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There And Back Again

The race kicked off in 1976 as a “there and back” challenge for some local motorbike riders who wanted to race from Alice Springs to the Finke River and back. That ride’s success led to the birth of the Finke Desert Race, which has been an annual highlight ever since. The course winds through the outback, following parts of the Old Ghan Railway service track – red dirt, sand, spinifex, mulga, and desert oaks all making it a uniquely Aussie adventure. The original course remains, even though the railway was realigned in the 80s.

King Of The Desert

Initially just for bikes, the Finke’s growing popularity saw cars and off-road buggies join the fray in 1988. The rivalry between the two and four-wheelers became legendary, with everyone vying for the “King of the Desert” title. Over the years, the battle was fierce, with buggies and bikes trading wins. Since 2005, there have been two Kings – one for cars and one for bikes – each pocketing a cool $10,000. While they no longer race each other, it’s always a thrill to see who completes the 460km round trip fastest.

Pano shot of Finke
Finke will be flooded once again by offroad enthusiasts from all around Australia

Thank You, Alice Springs!

The people and businesses of Alice Springs take immense pride in hosting the Finke Desert Race. For three magical days, more than 12,000 fans camp along the racetrack, living it up under the stars. The event is a massive community effort, organised by local volunteers and supported by the Northern Territory Major Events Company. It’s a testament to the spirit of Alice Springs and its unwavering love for this adrenaline-pumping event.

So, gear up and join Warnie and Brent as they dive into the heart of the action at the Finke Desert Race. Follow our updates, and who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of these two tearing it up in the desert with the Method Race Wheels crew. Stay tuned for more epic adventures from the BAW Auto team!

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