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Unlocking Secret Spaces and Smart Storage with RV Storage Solutions and BAW Automotive

RVSS Drawer setup in a 4x4
RV Storage Solutions completely transform your 4X4 into a well organised machine

Are you an adventurer who lives for off-road thrills? Are you tired of your gear turning your 4x4 into a chaotic mess every time you hit the trail? It's time to upgrade to RV Storage Solutions' top-tier 4x4 drawers at BAW Automotive! These ingenious storage systems aren't just about maximizing your vehicle's space—they're a game-changer for keeping your adventure gear in perfect order. Let's dive into why 4x4 drawers are an absolute essential for any outdoor enthusiast.

Back of a LandCruiser 300 series with a drawer system setup
Perfectly positioned for practicality, there are so many set-up options available for every 4WD

Smart Storage with RVSS

Off-roading and camping mean every square centimeter counts. RV Storage Solutions' 4x4 drawers are meticulously crafted to snugly fit into your vehicle, making the most of every available space. No more wasting room or battling with bulky bins—these drawers neatly stow away your equipment, tools, and supplies, keeping everything organised and accessible. Forget digging through piles of gear. RVSS 4x4 drawers offer seamless accessibility with multiple compartments and dividers. Whether it's your camping essentials, recovery gear, or cooking supplies, everything is neatly organised and ready at your fingertips. Easy access means more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time searching for misplaced gear.

Close up of an RVSS Drawer
The premium finishes on RVSS is what really sets them apart

Ultimate Gear Protection

The real selling point on why we love RVSS is when the terrain gets tough, your gear stays safe. Built from robust materials like aluminum and steel, their drawers shield your valuables from shifting, moisture, and rough conditions. Say goodbye to rattling gear and hello to peace of mind knowing your equipment is secure and protected - on even the gnarliest of tracks.

With RV Storage Solutions personalisation is key. RV Storage Solutions' 4x4 drawers offer endless customisation options—from size and layout to add-ons like fridge slides and removable dividers. Create a storage system that perfectly fits your 4WD and enhances your adventure experience. Just like this recent Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series we fir out, the RVSS drawers transform your vehicle's interior into a tidy haven. No more loose items rolling around or bulky bags hogging space—just a clean, organised setup that's as stylish as it is functional.

RVSS Drawer with slide out
Don't wait to get the ultimate storage set-up. Call our team today.

Ready to say goodbye to the unorganised chaos and hello to the efficiency and convenience of RV Storage Solutions' 4x4 drawers. Elevate your off-road adventures with a storage solution that's as rugged as your journeys. Give us a call or shoot us a message and lets chat about your idea setup.

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