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The Future Is Here: Uncover The Power With HSP's Roll R Cover Series 3

Oi, ute enthusiasts! If you're tired of your tub looking as stock as a rock, it's time to buckle up for a wild ride with HSP's Roll R Cover Series 3. We're not just talking about any old roll top; we're diving into an Aussie-crafted powerhouse that'll change how you use your ute tub.

Closed HSP Roll R Cover Series 3 on a Hilux, providing secure storage and enhancing the vehicle's aesthetic appeal.
A rugged Hilux displaying the sleek HSP Roll R Cover Series 3

HSP proudly stands as the only fair dinkum, Aussie-made roll top in the game. Crafted in Country Victoria, this bad boy isn't just a cover; it's a statement. It's more Aussie than a beer on Friday arvo.

Open HSP's Roll R Cover Series 3 on a RAM 1500, demonstrating convenient access to the truck bed for loading and unloading.
A RAM 1500 with the Roll R Cover Series 3, revealing its spacious and accessible storage solution.

The Roll R Cover Series 3 doesn't just open; it kicks things up a notch with a triple operation feature that's as versatile as Dave in costume. Whether you're using your factory remote, slapping the smart touchpad on the side like you're high-fiving a mate, or bossing it around with your smartphone and Siri, the power is in your hands.

Whether you're a tradie, an adventurer or just a bloke who loves his ute, the Roll R Cover Series 3 is built for you. Keep your sports bars, add ladder racks, or throw in some crossbars – this cover's more versatile a pocketknife. It's not just a cover; it's a true-blue companion for your Ute adventures.

Close-up of the LED light on the HSP Roll R Cover Series 3, providing enhanced visibility for night-time activities.
Close-up of the powerful LED light integrated into the HSP Roll R Cover Series 3

Downsize that canister, mate! The Roll R Cover Series 3 has a canister size so small, it makes Warnie look tall. The curtain retracts fully, making loading and unloading easier than explaining instructions to Brent. And let's not forget the full-length LED light that's smarter than your GPS – it even warns you when it needs a bit of TLC. The 6-point water flow system that drains faster than a cold beer on a hot day – 60 litres per minute! Custom-designed seals and a full-length gutter system keep your tools and gear dry, no matter how hard Mother Nature tries.

Ready to turn your ute into a roaring Aussie legend? Say g'day to the HSP Roll R Cover Series 3 – where innovation meets Aussie bloke-approved adventure. Upgrade your ute; choose HSP, because real legends roll with the best!

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