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Riding High in 4x4's with Lovells: The Original Gangsters of Suspension

A Toyota 300 Series with Lovells Suspension
Shaun and the BAW Crew give a thumbs up to partnering with Lovells

In the workshop of BAW Automotive, where metal meets muscle and dreams hit the dirt road running, we're stoked to announce our partnership with Lovells, the undisputed Original Gangsters of Suspension. These folks have been keeping rides smooth since the days when the Ford Coupe Utility 302 was roaring round Australia. Now, as Lovells celebrates a hefty 90 years of premium spring and suspension manufacturing, we at BAW are gearing up to bring their hard-earned heritage right into the heart of your 4x4. Imagine that – almost a century of expertise bolted into your beast. That's not just driving; that's riding history.

Back in the gritty days of the 1930s, George Lovell, a bloke with vision tougher than a two-dollar steak, broke free from Pioneer Railway Springs Ltd. Amidst the Great Depression's shadows, he sparked the flame that would become Lovells Springs with his sons. Talk about gutsy!

Fast forward to today, and that same fearless spirit drives us at BAW to partner with Lovells. We're not just talking about any old suspension upgrades here. We're talking about strutting your stuff with GVM upgrades, lifts, and caravan suspensions that comply with federal regulations as strictly as a drill sergeant's morning roll call. So, whether you're looking to amp up your 4x4's stance, handle a beastly load, or simply want to glide over bumps like they're mere pebbles, BAW and Lovells have got your back. Our shared passion for quality, safety, and peak performance makes this partnership a no-brainer.

With BAW and Lovells, you're not just kitting out your rig; you're making a statement. A nod to the legacy of legends, and a bold step into a future where your 4WD's potential knows no bounds.

Ready to give your vehicle the Lovells lift? Come down to BAW Auto. Let's talk springs, let's talk shocks, and let's get your ride ready to conquer the toughest terrains. Here's to 90 years of Lovells – and to many more on the road and tracks with BAW Automotive!

Get in touch and let's start this ride together. Because when you roll with BAW and Lovells, you roll with the best – no exceptions.

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