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Reflecting on the Trails We've Conquered in 2023

A picture of a happy work team
The BAW Team. L-R Kaz, Franka, Matt, Riley, Dave, Warnie, Brent, Justen, Amy, Sam, Josh, Haydn, Adrian

As the dust settles on another year of epic 4WD builds and adventures, I stand reflecting on the trails we've conquered and the journey BAW Auto has navigated through 2023. It’s been a wild ride – with the kind of turbocharged trials that test the chassis of any business and the kind of team camaraderie that makes every challenge a shared conquest.

Our year was less about cruising down easy tracks and more about locking in the hubs for the steep climbs. We've wrenched through some tough spots – the kinds that make or break your undercarriage – and it was our collective grit that saw us through. From navigating the rocky terrain of supply chain snags to fording the waters of industry regulations, we've emerged mud-streaked but triumphant. So, as we wind up for the year, I look back at our trail with pride. We've tackled the business equivalent of a hardcore 4x4 course, and we’re ready to take on 2024 with the same tenacity and teamwork.

Brent smiling in the BAW workshop
It's been a bloody good year.

Here's what I learnt...

1. Knowing Our Worth – The Engine Behind BAW

First off, let's talk about knowing your value. In the world of 4x4 aftermarket, where every bolt and part can make a difference, understanding the importance of what you bring to the table is critical. That’s where Amy comes in. She’s really the engine of BAW. Hidden under the bonnet and goes unseen a lot of the time, but she's kept us driving even when the terrain got tough. From handling the nuts and bolts of our operations to ensuring all our depatments are compliant and run smoother than a V8 on an open road, she’s proven that what she does isn't just significant – it’s essential. If i'm honest, it's probably the first year in the last 6, that I've really known the full value of what she does everyday... and that enables me to do what I do. It doesn't all just "happen", someone carries that weight and I'm glad that it's her.

2. The Strength of the Convoy – The Compass of Relationships

With the right people in our convoy, each trail we've faced has been less daunting. Just as every rig in a convoy has its role – from the lead scout to the tail-end Charlie – every member of our team brings a unique force too. Some have the vision to spot the next ridge, others the mechanical nous to tackle a breakdown, and then there are those with the sheer will to push through the stickiest situations. I'm grateful for the team we've built around us. In the end, what matters is the team that stands with you when the trails get tough, those who are ready to jump in with a snatch strap or a supportive word when the going gets tough. Here's to the individuals who have become more than colleagues – they're spotters, navigators, and companions on the BAW Auto adventure

3. Fuelling the Day – The BAW Way

Last but not least... coffee by dawn, rum by dusk. A good day starts with the right fuel, and around here, we don’t skimp on the good stuff. Just like we wouldn’t dream of fitting your beast with subpar parts, we don’t kick off our day with anything less than the best brew. And when the sun dips below the horizon, and the tools are down, there’s nothing like a smooth rum to toast to the day’s achievements. It’s my way of pausing to appreciate the climb, the view from the higher ground and the hard work, and crew who got us there.

So, as I sit here, sipping on a well-earned drink, I raise my glass to you – our customers, our team, and our fellow 4x4 enthusiasts. Here’s to the tracks we've crossed and the ones we’ve yet to conquer.

2023 you’ve been challenging, you've built our capacity up, but you were also incredibly rewarding. Here’s to 2024 – may it be a year of adventures that would make even the most seasoned off-roader envious.


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