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Navigating Your 4x4's 5-Year Upgrades: What You Need to Know

A 200 Series Landcruiser with steel snorkel
When it comes to a 5 or more year overhaul, the BAW Team knows just how to handle things.

If you're a proud owner of a 4x4 approaching its 4-5 year mark since purchase, you're likely noticing that a few things are starting to wear out or lose their edge. Fear not, because this is a perfect opportunity to enhance your vehicle's performance and reliability with strategic upgrades. At BAW Auto, we understand the ins and outs of 4x4 maintenance and upgrades, and we're here to guide you through this crucial phase.

1. Tyres and Wheels: Grip and Durability

Your 4x4's tyres have been faithfully tackling rugged terrain for years now, but they're not invincible and neither are your wheel. As you approach the 5-year mark, consider upgrading to tyres that offer better traction, durability, and resistance to punctures. Whether you're into mud-terrain, all-terrain, or something in between, choosing the right tyres can significantly enhance your off-road experience. Pair them with sturdy wheels that can handle the toughest trails, and you'll be ready for any adventure that comes your way.

Method Race Wheel
After a few years under your belt, a change in wheels and tyres is always a good option

2. Suspension: Handling the Hard Hits

Depending on how aggressively you've been driving your 4x4, your suspension might be showing signs of wear. Upgrading your suspension components can improve handling, comfort, and stability, especially when navigating rough terrains or carrying heavy loads. At BAW Auto, we offer a range of suspension solutions tailored to your driving style and vehicle model, ensuring you get the performance and reliability you need for your next off-road expedition.

Tough Dog coil spring
Is your suspension showing signs of needing to be replaced

3. Alternators: Powering Up for Reliability

As your 4x4 ages, the alternator — the heart of your vehicle's electrical system — may start to show signs of fatigue. Upgrading to a higher-capacity alternator can ensure your vehicle's electrical demands are consistently met, whether you're running additional lights, winches, or other accessories. This upgrade not only enhances reliability but also provides peace of mind knowing your vehicle is equipped to handle the toughest challenges off-road.

At BAW Auto, we're not just experts in 4x4s; we're enthusiasts who are passionate about enhancing your driving experience. Whether it's selecting the perfect tyres and wheels, fine-tuning your suspension, or upgrading critical components like alternators, we're here to help you navigate the 5-year upgrades with confidence. Trust our knowledge and dedication to quality, and let's elevate your 4x4 to new heights of performance and adventure.

Visit us today to explore how we can tailor upgrades specifically for your vehicle, towing and driving needs.

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