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Fresh from The Springs 4x4 Park: Our Ultimate Camping Checklist To Get It Right

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Just a bunch of top blokes, out in nature

Gather 'round, mates, summer’s about to kick in, and if you’re thinking of taking Ol' Betsy out for a camping spree in the vastness of Straya, then mate, you’ve come to the right blokes. We just got back from the TRED 4x4 Fundraiser weekend at The Springs 4x4 Park and we reckon we know what the must haves are. So, crack open a cold one and dive into our top 10 essentials to make sure your camping trip is less of a "Where's me tent peg?" and more of a "This is the life!"

1. Forget the Hard Yakka: Enter the Rooftop Tent!

Sleeping on the ground? That's for the kangaroos and creepy crawlies. Say goodbye to unexpected wombats trying to snuggle with ya. With a rooftop tent, you're elevated from the ground and can set up in a jiffy. Mate, how did that darn tent even fit into that tiny bag last time?

2. The Almighty Awning

Spotted on nearly every rugged 4WD for good reason! Vehicle awnings aren't just for show. They're quick to deploy and are the real MVPs when it comes to shade and shelter. Plus, with options for ensuite accessories, walls, and full rooms, it's like bringing your own private mansion with you!

3. A Place to Park Your Arse: Comfy Chairs

Ever rushed to the campfire last and been left with that dodgy chair no one wants? Save your dignity and bring along a comfy camp chair that's fit for an outback king – a throne that holds your beer or even your classy wine glass. Cheers to that!

4. Light 'Er Up: Campsite Illumination

There's nothing worse than waking up for a midnight nature call and taking a tumble. Why? 'Cause you couldn't see the bloody ladder from your tent. Enter 12v area lights – they're like a guiding light (with a handy remote) ensuring you're not face-planting at 2 a.m.

5. Cold Beers & Meaty Cheers: The Mighty Fridge

If you've ever had your week's worth of snags and steak turned into a soupy mess in an esky, you know the heartbreak. Get a 12v fridge/freezer. It keeps the beers cold, the steaks safe, and even plugs into a 240v outlet for those backyard BBQs.

6. Water, Water Everywhere: The Arch Tank

Ditch the cumbersome jerry cans, and say g'day to the wheel arch tank. Perfect for utes, it's centrally located, takes minimal space, and gives you a whopping 50L of water on tap. Plus, with a handy pump and hose, you're sorted without any fuss.

7. Soak it Up: Portable Showers

Sweaty day on the trails? Beach sand everywhere? No worries. With a portable shower, you'll feel human again in no time. And if you fancy a bit of privacy (or a solo performance), a shower cube on your roof platform has you covered.

8. Let the Sun Do the Hard Work: Solar Panels

We might question if we need 'em, but if you've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty (fridge, power stations), then solar panels are a must. Portable, efficient, and they keep your gear charged longer. The Aussie sun finally doing some useful work!

9. Power On-The-Go: Portable Power Stations

Whether you're capturing memories on your camera, need a fridge for the cold ones, or even working (who does that on holiday?!), these bad boys have your back. Hook 'em up to solar panels, and you're golden.

10. Tetris for Grown-Ups: Storage Solutions

Nobody wants a meltdown trying to fit the whole shebang in the car. Weatherproof and dustproof storage cases are your new best mates. They stack, they save space, and they ensure your gear isn't lost to the Aussie dust. Win-win!

Think we missed out on something legendary? Share your bush wisdom with us and the rest of the BAW fam on our Facebook or Instagram. Happy camping

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