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Big Matt's Guide To 4x4 Life on an Apprentice Budget

A man in a 4x4 behind the steering wheel
Big Matt is the Apprentice with all the top tips!

G'day fellow 4x4 enthusiasts! Big Matt here, ready to debunk the myth that decking out your rig is reserved for those with deep pockets. No matter where you're at in your trade journey, from first-year apprentice to fully-qualified tradie, there's always a way to give your 4x4 the upgrade it deserves without burning a hole in your wallet. Here's how to get your beast ready for the next adventure! It's 4x4 life on an apprentice budget!

1. Bullbars - Jungle 4x4

Before we dive in, let's chat protection. Jungle 4x4 bullbars don't just provide solid protection for your rig; they look the part too. Designed with the young tradie in mind, they're affordable yet don't skimp on quality or style.

2. Lifts and GVMs - Tough Dog

For those of you wanting to give your 4x4 a lift without lifting too much from your bank account, Tough Dog has got your back. Offering robust solutions that cater to all budgets, you'll get both the look and the off-road capability you're after.

3. Lights - Road Vision

Nighttime adventures or early morning job sites, you'll need lights that can pierce through the darkest of times. Enter Road Vision. Their range is perfect for the apprentice pocket, delivering bright, reliable lights without the hefty price tag.

4. Recovery Gear - Saber

Getting stuck in the mud isn't just reserved for the outback. Be prepared for anything with Saber's range of recovery gear. Designed for the budget-conscious, their gear ensures you can get out of any sticky situation without emptying your wallet.

5. Trays - Duratray

Duratray delivers on trays that last. Whether you're hauling tools to the site or camping gear to the outback, these trays are built tough, all the while keeping the young tradie's budget in mind.

6. Rooftop Tents - Darche "Kozi Series"

Dreaming of waking up to an outback sunrise? With Darche's "Kozi Series" rooftop tents, you don't have to sacrifice comfort for cost. Easy on the apprentice budget, these tents will have you sleeping like a baby after a long day's work.

7. Communication Equipment - Uniden

Stay connected in the most remote job sites or trails with Uniden. Their range of communication equipment ensures you're always in touch, all without stretching that apprentice salary too thin.

8. Fridges - MyCoolman

End your day with a cold one, thanks to MyCoolman fridges. Perfect for weekend getaways or simply keeping your lunch fresh on-site, they offer budget-friendly options that don't compromise on quality.

Wrapping Up, being on an apprentice wage doesn't mean you can't live the 4x4 life to the fullest. It's all about making savvy choices and knowing where to look. Here at BAW Automotive, we're all about making your 4x4 dreams come true, one budget-friendly upgrade at a time.

Cheers to the next adventure, lads! And remember, no matter where you are in your trades journey, the open road and rugged trails are always waiting. Get out there and make some memories!

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