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The Stocklock Torque Converter Control Module for Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series

Have you ever noticed your vehicle's tachometer jumping around while you're hauling a load or cruising over rolling terrain? This isn't your vehicle changing gears on a whim—it's likely your torque converter locking and unlocking. This little dance not only reduces efficiency but also increases wear and tear on your transmission. Let's dive into why the Stocklock Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit is a game-changer for your Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series.

A mechanic holding a performance kit for a 4x4
Brent is a big fan of StockLock and the benefits to the 200 Series

When your torque converter is unlocked, it's akin to having a slipping clutch in a manual car—there's a disconnect that can lead to increased transmission temperatures and fuel consumption. The Stocklock system tackles this issue head-on by keeping the torque converter locked when you need it most, providing a direct drive that mirrors the efficiency of a manual transmission.

The Magic of the Lock-Up Kit

Our Stocklock Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit comes with a set of finely tuned electronics that link directly to your vehicle’s transmission lock-up solenoid. This clever setup locks the torque converter from 84 km/hr upwards and automatically unlocks it below 78 km/hr. This means you maintain the normal operation of gear shifts, minus the inefficiency of slippage in those higher gears. For those who venture onto soft sand, our high/low system kicks in at lower speeds, ensuring you have control when you need it most. What sets the Stocklock system apart is its use of pulse-width modulation. This technology allows for a softer start and a gradual release during locking and unlocking, reducing wear and enhancing the control over the solenoid. This method also cuts the solenoid’s operating temperature in half compared to DC units, ensuring durability and longevity.

StockLock have even integrated a factory-style button that gives you complete control over the system, enabling you to switch it off at will. This flexibility is crucial for adapting to different driving conditions without skipping a beat.

A 200 Series landcruiser with custom mondifications
If you are the proud owner of a Toyota LandCruiser 200 series, then this is one mod you are going to want!

Real-World Benefits

Upon installing the Stocklock system, we’ve observed transmission temperatures nearly halving. Clients report improved fuel economy and an approximate 10% boost in power delivered to the wheels—measured on our dyno—all achieved without a single engine mod!

Through years of fitting and rigorous testing, the Stocklock system has proven itself as the most reliable solution to the common frustrations of transmission codes and operational hiccups. Our customers frequently tell us their only regret is not installing it sooner.

Ready to elevate your Landcruiser's performance and efficiency? The Stocklock Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit is your answer to smoother, more powerful, and efficient adventures. Don’t wait—enhance your drive today and feel the difference on every trail and track!

Ready to take your Landcruiser's performance up a notch? The Stocklock Torque Converter Lock-Up Kit is your ticket to a smoother, more powerful, and efficient ride. Don't wait—click the link below to purchase and schedule your installation at BAW Automotive. Elevate your adventure and feel the difference on every trail and track! Price is fully inclusive!

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