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RAM 1500 Upgrade: No Sheepish Makeover Here!

A RAM 1500 American Pickup truck
This RAM 1500 got the tray we've all been dreaming of. Boss Aluminium premium tray

You know how they say 'size matters'? Well, when we saw the RAM 1500 roll into our BAW Automotive shop, we nodded in agreement. It's not just a truck—it's a behemoth, a road-dominating beast. And guess what? We decided to pump it up even more and do one hell of a RAM 1500 Upgrade.

From RAM to "DAMN" with Boss Aluminium

Alright, so the RAM 1500 is already a hunk of metallic beauty, but what if we could make it even hunkier? Enter the Premium Boss Aluminium Tray. This ain't your grandma's tray; it's robust, tough as shit, and turns heads faster than a dropped spanner. And for that extra bit of pizzazz? Colour-coded toolbox doors. Because if you're gonna do it, might as well do it in style, right?

Thirsty? We Got You.

You can't take a beast like the RAM 1500 into the wilderness without packing some H2O. So, this baby comes with dual water tanks. Whether you're lost in the outback or just too lazy to pull over at a service station, we've got your back—and your front, and sides.

The Magic Drawer (No, Not That One)

Need a spot for your tools, camping gear, or that mystery box you tell everyone not to open? Say hello to the trundle drawer. It’s spacious, smooth, and won’t judge you for what you decide to stash inside.

A Nod from Warnie

Our main man Warnie, who’s seen more undercarriages than is appropriate to mention, had a blast with this project. "American trucks, especially a beast like the RAM 1500, are like the big canvas prints at the pub—there’s so much room to get creative. And man, the options! It’s like being a kid in a candy store, but instead of candy, you get turbochargers and winches."

Removing a tub on a RAM 1500
Magic in the making as the old tub is removed

Here at BAW Automotive, we don’t just upgrade trucks—we elevate legends. With our latest spin on the RAM 1500, we've stamped another mark of awesomeness in our workshop’s history. If you reckon your ride—especially if it's a RAM 1500—needs some sprucing up, swagger on over. We promise, no sheep jokes. Okay, maybe just one more.

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