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The BAW 79 Series Power Build: What We Did and How It's Changed.

A 79 Series Landcruiser with a rooftop tent and boss aluminium canopy
The BAW 79 Series in all her nori green goodness

Digging Deeper, Revving Harder: Here’s Our Journey

Four years back, we decided it was high time to forge a metal monster that could scream the expertise of BAW Automotive to the world. Without a shadow of a doubt, the 79 Series dual cab was our pick to turn into a road warrior!

Brent and Amy Westbrook, the masterminds of BAW Automotive, have a rich lineage of molding iconic four-wheel beasts, having brought life to giants like the Ford Ranger and the steadfast DMAX, to name a few.

Choosing the 79 Series was a no-brainer. With a flurry of 70 Series rolling into our garage, we decided to inject some BAW aggression and style into this series. Donning it in a unique Nori Green, we unveiled the metamorphosis to the world.

Our goal was to display the relentless craftsmanship and innovative spirit of our crew. The 70 Series offered the perfect canvas to showcase our vast array of custom accessories, meticulously installed by our seasoned warriors.

So, presenting our metallic progeny! It may seem like just another 79 Series, but we believe the quality of this build echoes our unyielding passion and dedication to the offroad realm. It's recognised universally as a masterful creation, as much a visual delight as a powerhouse of performance. Constructed over two and a half years, it stands as one of the most polished 79s out there.

The voyage was fraught with challenges; building our new fortress of a workshop alongside this project was a Herculean task. It stretched our resources and our clocks, but in the world of metal monsters—no guts, no glory! Now, with a bigger crew and a larger workshop, let’s see how this build has evolved since its inception.

Current Arsenal:

Dialing Up the Intensity! For the battle-ready face, the BAW 79 is armored with a Jungle 4x4 sports bar for sleek defense lines. Equipping it with a sherpa winch was obvious, and our LED Lights are the trusted Roadvision. The engine too got its dose of fury with enhancements like a larger PWR top-mount intercooler and a Safari Armax performance suite, including ECU, turbo, snorkel, and clutch.

Now, our metal behemoth rages on 35-inch Yokohama mud-terrain tyres and ROH Assault wheels, with the heart of the beast—its suspension—morphed with a JMACX raised and coil-converted suspension kit, more reminiscent of a trophy truck than a tourer!

Our ¾-canopy and next gen tray from Boss Aluminium, awning and tent are just the cherry on top – literally sitting like a crown on top of our beauty. The beast’s spine—its suspension—got a makeover with a four-inch raised and coil-converted suspension kit from JMACX, now resembling more of a trophy truck than a tourer!

And the cockpit? It’s out of this world! Alpine speakers, a Kenwood head unit, full leather, and Scheel-Mann Vario seats—it’s a luxurious symphony of comfort and pulsating beats!

With a distinctive PPG Nori Green pearl coat and satin black finish on the chrome, this beast refuses to be just another face in the crowd.

This metallic titan is our crowning glory, the living ethos of what we, at BAW Automotive, believe in—passion, innovation, and supreme quality. It’s been a thrilling ride, one we don’t intend to end as we continually modify and upgrade to meet the changing tides. But every time we gaze at this brute, we say, "Go big or go home!" and scoff at the hurdles! Here's to many more roaring adventures and majestic builds to come! Keep the wheels turning and the engines growling!

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