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At BAW Automotive, we are experts in all caravan upgrades. We have performed nearly every upgrade imaginable for our clients in the past. Upgrading your caravan to meet your needs is more affordable than buying a new one. Our expert tradesmen at BAW Automotive can upgrade your caravan to better suit your needs.


Elevate Your Caravan: Unmatched Upgrade Options at BAW Automotive

At BAW Automotive, we believe your caravan or RV should be as unique and versatile as your adventures. Our comprehensive upgrade services are designed to enhance your caravan’s functionality, comfort, and performance, making your off-road and off-grid experiences unparalleled.

Full Off-Grid Solutions
Experience true freedom with our solar and off-grid packages, tailored to keep you powered up no matter where the road takes you.

Bike Rack Fitment
Take your bikes along with ease with our professional Bike Rack installations.

Battery Upgrades
Enhance your power capacity with our advanced battery upgrades, ensuring longer stays without needing a recharge.

Suspension Upgrades
Navigate rough terrains effortlessly with tailored suspension modifications, ensuring a smoother and safer journey.

Drawer and Storage Customisation
Optimise storage and accessibility with our custom drawer and storage solutions.

Reversing Camera Installation
Improve your maneuverability and safety with state-of-the-art reversing camera systems.

Awning & Anti-Flap Kit Installations
Expand your living space and protect against the elements with our awning and anti-flap kit installations.

ATM Upgrades
Increase your caravan’s Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) for enhanced load-carrying capacity.

Electric brakes Installation
Enhance your towing safety and control with our cutting-edge Elecbrakes installations.

Audio Visual, Starlink, Speaker & Entertainment
Stay entertained on the road with our Entertainment upgrades.

12V Installations
Power up all your essential devices with our expert 12V electrical installations.

Whatever your vision for your caravan or RV, BAW Automotive is here to make it a reality. Tell us what you need, and we’ll handle the rest, ensuring your mobile home is equipped for every adventure.


Caravan in a Workshop
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