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Cool Runnings: How We Turned Brent's LandCruiser Air Con Down To Cooler Comfort

When Heatwaves Hit Hard in Brisbane... The 70 Series Landcruisers struggle like a fat kid in P.E. and let's be real, they ALWAYS have.

A woman holding an Air Conditioning upgrade and giving a thumbs up
Amy approves of the FreezeBrain for the LC70 Series to keep the Cruiser cooler than ever.

Imagine this – you're Amy, cruising in the trusty BAW 79 series LandCruiser through QLD's scorching summer. But instead of basking in cooler, refreshing air, you're sweating and verging on the need of a tube of hydrocortisone cream. Why? Because your 4x4's Air Con is about as effective as a fan in a furnace. Enter Brent, who can't stand to see his better half (or anyone for that matter) turning into a human puddle. He knows the 70 series has always had a "warm" relationship with AC effectiveness and he knew it's time for a change.

After a deep dive into the depths of the internet and beyond, Brent stumbled upon the Freezebrain - a gadget that sounds like it's straight out of a sci-fi movie. This little marvel promises to take your AC game from zero to hero, and Brent and Amy were all in.

The Frreezebrain device sitting on the front of the all new 2024 Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series
The Freezebrain is your plug and play answer to cooler cruisers and happier passengers.

The good folk at WorkAirTech's whipped up a bit of frosty magic with their game-changing Freezebrain. It's like giving your Cruiser's AC a shot of adrenaline – turning up the chill factor from "meh" to "arctic expedition" levels. Toyota decided it was fine to limit the evaporator to 6-7 degrees, but we all know that's just not gonna cut it in the Aussie heat. With the Freezebrain hooked up, you can twist that dial down to a teeth-chattering 1 degree!

And the best bit? It's as plug-and-play as it gets. If you can navigate the treacherous journey to find that elusive 10mm socket, you're practically there. Pop off the passenger speaker, switch out Toyota's idea of cool for the Freezebrain, and boom – instant Antarctic oasis in your Landcruiser 70 Series.

Everything you need to transform your ride into the coolest place on the road is in the box, along with instructions so easy, they practically install themselves.

Whilst we love a solution for everyone, we should note that this product DOES NOT fit the new 2024 2.8L 4cyl variant

close up of the freezebrain device
The Freezebrain system is compact, easy to install and a gamechanger for the 79 Series.

In a nutshell, if you're sick of turning your 4x4 into a mobile sauna every summer, the Freezebrain is your ticket to chill. Easy to install, and easier to enjoy, it's the upgrade your Cruiser's been crying out for. Ready to make your LandCruiser Air Con Cooler?

Grab your Freezebrain today in the link below or head to the store page.

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