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The RAM 1500 DT GVM Upgrade: A 4200 kg Cautionary tale...

When it comes to upgrading your RAM 1500, the allure of increasing the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) can be compelling. However, promises of achieving a 4200 kg GVM may sound ideal but come with significant engineering challenges and potential risks that need careful consideration.

A mechanic working on a suspension system
One of the BAW Workshop team working diligently on a fedrally approved RAM 1500 GVM Upgrade

Modifying a Ram 1500 DT to a GVM Upgrade of 4200 Kg or to support a higher GVM's involves significant changes to the vehicle’s structure, particularly its chassis and axles. We're talking bent axles folks... Pushing the GVM to exceed 4000 kg introduces complexities that require advanced engineering solutions such as chassis bracing to prevent serious issues like axle bending or failure.

High GVM claims often make for great marketing but can lack the backing of thorough testing and federal approval. For a vehicle like the RAM 1500, currently, the maximum approved and safe GVM upgrade caps at 4000 kg. Proposals and promises extending beyond this, such as a 4200kg GVM, remain in developmental stages without practical, real-world applications, safety assurances or even rock-solid release dates.

A white RAM 1500 DT
A RAM that knows the limits of what it can acheive with a GVM Upgrade is a RAM we can really get behind

For the RAM 1500, sticking to the federally approved up to 4000 kg GVM upgrade is advisable. This upgrade level may include necessary modifications like reinforced chassis components and enhanced suspension systems, ensuring the vehicle can manage increased loads without compromising on safety or performance. In the realm of 4x4 vehicle upgrades, especially for robust American trucks like the RAM 1500, scepticism towards unverified claims is crucial. Misguided information can lead not only to underwhelming results but also to potentially hazardous outcomes, not to mention customer disappointment. It’s essential to rely on proven, legally compliant modifications from reputable sources.

For RAM 1500 owners looking to enhance their vehicle’s capabilities, informed decisions based on tested and approved methods are paramount. While the enthusiasm for pushing your truck’s limits is understandable, ensuring these modifications are safe, sustainable, and legal is critical. Always prioritise verified upgrades and collaborate with established experts in the field. Stay informed, prioritise safety, and ensure your RAM 1500 is equipped to handle whatever you throw at it, both safely and efficiently.

Want to boost your vehicle's load-carrying capacity safely and legally? Chat with our team to discover the perfect GVM upgrade for your ride. At BAW Automotive, we're in partnership with the top names in GVM upgrades, offering a variety of solutions tailored to fit your vehicle's needs and your budget. Whether you’re looking to enhance towing capability or increase overall performance, we've got the expertise and options to get you there. Reach out today and take the first step toward optimizing your vehicle's potential.

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