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2024's 4WD Rundown: Curiosity, Excitement, and a Bit of Head-Scratching

As we roll into 2024, it's time to take a cheeky peek at the 4WD lineup set to invade Aussie roads and tracks. From Toyota's latest Prado promising to be as tough as a weekend at your in-laws (and possibly as annoying), to the Suzuki Jimny stretching its legs with a few extra doors (because apparently, we all needed more space to store our thongs and eskies), there's a mix of curiosity, excitement, and a whole bunch of head-scratching in store if you ask us. Whether it's the eco-friendly revamp of the classic HiLux or the American muscle of the facelifted Ford F-150 (as subtle as a kangaroo in a Kmart), each model has us buzzing with questions. Here's what 2024 has to offer in the world of 4WDs outside the usual suspects!

Toyota 250 Series
The 2024 Toyota Landcruiser Prado has had a complete facelift.
Toyota Prado - LandCruiser 250: The Off-Road Emperor

Brace yourselves, 2024 is bringing the new Toyota Prado, a.k.a the LandCruiser 250. This isn't just any 4WD, it's like the Swiss Army knife of the outback - versatile, tough, and with a diesel engine so efficient, you'll think it runs on fairy dust. Sharing its DNA with the LandCruiser 300, it's set to be as sturdy as ya uncle rod after big night out, with off-road prowess that'll make you want to drive up the side of your house. Expect to plow through the bush in style and safety, although we're pretty confident there'll be a few of these rolling round the suburban streets with a soccer mum behind the wheel too.

An australian SUV
Isuzu's 2024 MUX is getting serious
Isuzu MU-X MY24: The SUV That Drinks Less Than Warnie

The Isuzu MU-X is getting a makeover, and we're not just talking a new set of alloy wheels. There's buzz about a revamped 3.0-litre turbo-diesel that's more refined than your grandad's old whiskey. Keep your binoculars handy for this one - it's like spotting a rare bird in the wild. Updates? We're talking the kind that'll make your neighbor's Hilux look like a Tonka truck.

A small 4wd
The pint-sized powerhouse Suzuki Jimny gets a few more doors.
Suzuki Jimny Five-Door: More Doors, More Mayhem

The Suzuki Jimny's growing up - it's getting an extra set of doors! Now, you can stuff more mates, dogs, or camping gear into this little beast. It's still compact enough to fit in those tiny city parking spots, but with a stretched wheelbase for when you decide to go bush-bashing. The same gutsy 1.5-litre engine means you'll be zipping around like a gecko on a hot tin roof and probably making the same noises too.

A toyota ute
2024 Toyota HiLux 48V: Electrifying the Classic
Toyota HiLux 48V: The Truck That Thinks It's a Tesla

The HiLux is getting electrified, folks! With a new 48-volt system, it's like giving a tradie a short black and No Doze, instead of a Dare iced coffee and a pie - more zing, less zzz. Toyota's promising this tech will save more beer money (fuel, we mean fuel). It's for the SR5 4x4 and Rogue Double Cab models, so now you can feel a little greener while towing your boat or caravan.

An american Pickup Truck
Ford F-150 facelift: American Muscle Refined
Ford F-150 Facelift: Make American Trucks Great Again

Late 2023 gave us the Ford F-150 in Australia, and 2024's sprucing it up even more. Think of it like Brent in a tuxedo - rugged but classy. There are some shiny new LED headlights and a tailgate that's more flexible than Dave on OnlyFans. All powered by a beefy 3.5-litre V6, it's the truck you bring home to meet your folks.

A tough aussie ute. Japanese make
Isuzu D-Max MY24 is Upgraded and Unstoppable
Isuzu D-Max MY24: Tough and Trustworthy

The D-Max is getting a facelift too, and it's not just skin-deep. With a front end that's more intimidating than your wife when you've screwed up, and tech upgrades that'll make gadget geeks weep, this is the ute for those who like their rides as tough as a well-done steak. The new safety features mean you can avoid accidents as smoothly as avoiding family gatherings.

An orange ute with aftermarket parts
The Mitsubishi Triton MY24 is entering a New Era
Mitsubishi Triton MY24: The Underdog's Revenge

The sixth-gen Triton is almost a brand new beast. It's like they took the old Triton, fed it the carnivore diet, and turned it into a hulking Aussie hero. More power, more comfort, and handling so smooth, you'll think you're driving on clouds. Available in 'Club Cab' and 'Dual-Cab', this one's for those who like their utes like they like their footy teams - tough and reliable.

2024's shaping up to be a smorgasbord of 4WD delights, and we at BAW Automotive are as excited and cautious all at the same time. Whether you're a hardcore off-roader or a weekend warrior, there's something for everyone. So, stay tuned, grab a cold one, and let's get ready to rumble in the great Aussie outdoors!

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