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Seeking cooler air conditioning for your 70 Series Cruiser? Look no further! Introducing Freezebrain a plug-and-play replacement AC Amplifier, designed to drop your evaporator temperature by a solid 5 degrees.


The AC Amplifier (AKA the air con controller by Toyota) typically restricts the evaporator temperature to approximately 6-7 degrees. But with the Freezebrain installed, your air conditioner becomes a powerhouse, allowing you to dial it all the way down to a chilly 1 degree!

Worried about losing stock controls and functionality? Fear not! The Freezebrain seamlessly retains them all, ensuring a 100% plug-and-play experience.


Installation? Piece of cake! Simply unbolt the AC Amp tucked behind the passenger speaker, unclip the housing, slide out the Toyota controller, and slide the Freezebrain right in. And yes, we've got you covered with comprehensive installation and operation instructions neatly packed in the box.


It is also equipped with LEDs to help you diagnose air con faults and idle control switch. This little gem keeps your idle slightly elevated as if the compressor were running, even when it's not – perfect for maintaining alternator charge at idle.


DOES NOT fit the new 2024 2.8L 4cyl variant

Freezebrain AC Amplifier for Landcruiser VDJ 70 Series

GST Included
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