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At BAW Automotive, we pride ourselves on using only the best parts for your 4x4, which is why we are thrilled to offer Lovells suspension components. Known for their unmatched quality and performance, Lovells parts are designed and tested in Australia to ensure superior handling and load-carrying capabilities, including GVM upgrades. With over 60 years of expertise, Lovells is a name you can trust for a smoother, safer ride. If you're after a specific Lovells part that isn't listed, just reach out to our friendly team, and we'll do our best to get it for you.

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Lovells is the only GVM Upgrade SSM Approval holder that offers full certification of ESC/ESP system compliance at full GVM for the many of the Australian and American 4x4/4WD vehicles. Don't see your ride listed below? No worries! Lovells Suspension is constantly expanding their range. Hit up the BAW Automotive sales team for more info and we'll get you sorted!


Lovells has Compliance Plate Approval as a Second Stage Manufacturer for GVM Upgrades on a bunch of 4WD models like Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Ford, and Mazda. 

Toyota Landcruiser LC70 Cab Chassis/Troop Carrier to 3900kg (Original GVM is 3300kg)

Toyota Landcruiser LC79 Cab Chassis Single Cab Ute 5 Star ANCAP to 4200kg (Original GVM is 3400kg)

Toyota Landcruiser LC76 Series 4 door Wagon to 3660kg (Original GVM is 3000kg)

Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series Wagon to 3800kg (Original GVM is 3300kg)

Toyota Prado 150 Series (KDJ/GDJ/GRJ) 10/09 on to 3500kg (Original GVM of 3000kg)

Toyota Hilux 150 Series (KUN/GGN) 4x4 3/05-2015 to 3300kg (up from standard GVM of 2710kg- Extra Cab, 2780kg- Dual Cab and 2835kg- Single Cab)

Toyota Hilux GUN126 Series 4x4 2015 on to 3500kg (Original GVM of 3000kg)

Ford Ranger PX 4x4 (2011 on) and PXII 2WD Hi-Rider (2015 on) to 3500kg (Original GVM is 3200kg)

Mazda BT50 UP / UR (2011 on) 4x4 to 3500kg (Original GVM is 3200kg)

Isuzu D Max 4x4 06/12 on to 3600kg (Original GVM of 2950kg)

Nissan Patrol Cab Chassis (Ute Leaf Spring) ZD30 GU / Y61 to 3900kg (Original GVM is 3400kg)

The payload capacity of many 4X4 vehicles today is pretty limited. Toss in some basic optional gear and a couple of mates, and you're already pushing the vehicle close to its legal max weight (GVM). Now, throw in long-range fuel tanks, bull bars, winches, side steps, roof racks, recovery gear, and a load of camping kit or a custom industrial body, and you’re definitely tipping past the Original Equipment allowable Gross Vehicle Mass. OEM suspension is all about comfort, often at the cost of load carrying and performance. But Lovells suspension? It’s built different. Designed with matched components, Lovells kits offer the ultimate in performance, load carrying, and handling. Lovells GVM Upgrade suspension kits are fully track-tested alongside a Certified Automotive Engineering Signatory over several days to ensure max stability, braking performance, ADR (Australian Design Rules) compliance, and operator comfort. All test data and documentation are then sent off to the DEPARTMENT of INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORT, REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT, and LOCAL GOVERNMENT for a thorough analysis.


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LOVELLS SUSPENSION AND GVM FULL MODEL LIST: 1500 DS 4th GEN | 1500 DS 4th GEN | FORDKIT019-GVM-LC | FORDKIT019-GVM-LC-2.0 | FORDKIT019-GVM-LT | FORDKIT019-GVM-LT-2.0 | DMAX | DMAX-RG | DMAX-RG1 | BT50 | BT50-C | BT50-D | BT-50D, SC/FC/DC, XT/XTR/GT, 11/2021-ON | 3.0Ltr Cab Chassis APR 06 - JUN 15 |  KUN26 (150's) 05-15 | GEN8 (N80) 4x4 15 on |  GEN8 (N80) 4x2 15 on | 200 Series 07-21 inc GX | 200 Series 07-21 inc GX | 200 Series 07-21 | 200 Series 07-21 inc GX | 200 Series 07-21 inc GX | 300 Series 08/22 on | 300 Series 08/22 on | 300 Series 08/22 on | 76 SERIES 07 on | 76 SERIES - J7 - 09/22 on | 78/79 SERIES 10/99-02/07 | 78 SERIES - J7 - 09/22 on | 70 SERIES (Inc 78's) - J7 - 09/22 on | 78/79 SERIES 10/99-02/07 | 70 SERIES 03/07 -08/22 | 70 SERIES - J7 - 09/22 on | 70 SERIES 03/07 -08/22 | 70 SERIES 18 on | 70 SERIES (Inc 78's) - J7 - 09/22 on | 70 SERIES Single Cab 01/17-08/22 | 70 SERIES - J7 - 09/22 on | 70 SERIES Single Cab 01/17-08/22 | Single Cab - J7 - 09/22 on | 150 Series 10/09-01/18 (with 2500kg Towing) | 150 Series 01/18 on (with 3000kg Towing)

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