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Yakima understands that adventure is about the journey, not just the destination. Yakima is dedicated to connecting individuals, their friends, families, and all their favourite gear to wherever their next adventure takes them. Whether it's camping, biking, hitting the water or slopes, or just taking a family road trip, Yakima ensures everyone is geared up and ready to go. Their roof racks, LockNLoad systems, and roof boxes handle all the equipment so adventurers can focus on making memories. And remember, with Yakima, you can always “Take It Easy.”

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At BAW, we trust Yakima because their products deliver reliability, and functionality. When it comes to loading up for your next adventure, Yakima stands out as the go-to brand. With a legacy of innovation and durability, Yakima products ensure you can bring all your gear, from bikes to kayaks, safely and securely. Their roof racks, LockNLoad systems, and roof boxes are designed to handle even the toughest of road trips. Whether you're camping, biking, or just hitting the open road, Yakima makes it easy to take everything you need.

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