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Under the bonnet

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Maintaining factory warranty is the primary focus when recommending any performance upgrades in house at BAW Automotive we only recommend solutions that will work in conjunction with and maintain factory warranty.

Lets be honest, we can’t see under the bonnet – so it’s easy to overlook. Before thinking about anything else, we need to consider a few things under here to ensure the longevity of the life of your vehicle. We’ve listed a few things we think you should consider, but some of them are absolute no brainers when it comes down to a quality build.


The Safari ARMAX 'X Series' Engine Control Unit (ECU) is designed to work harmoniously with your vehicles OE Engine Control Unit resulting in more power, more torque, better throttle response, less fuel consumption, and less turbo lag. This is all backed up by Safari’s sophisticated engine protection systems which are constantly live monitoring your vehicle for total drivetrain safety and ultimate reliability. The ARMAX ECU has 5 pre-calibrated maps for all user conditions but can be altered to suit specific applications. The plug and play wiring harness makes installation quick and easy and vehicle specific mounting bracketry complements the installation. The Safari ARMAX 'X Series' ECU is the total package, no upgrades required, no additional units needed. It is a total system solution specifically designed for your 4X4 vehicle.

SUITS: Toyota 200 Series 1VD-FTV V8 Diesel Engines Toyota 70 Series 1VD-FTV V8 Diesel Engines Ford Ranger PXII & PXIII 3.2L 5Cyl Engines Ford Everest 3.2L 5Cyl Engines


  • 1100Nm (250%) Increased Torque Capacity
  • Designed for increased power, torque and high GVM application
  • Long service life maintains torque capacity within 10% over the wear rate of the clutch disc
  • Standard vehicle pedal feel with improved diaphragm lift control Safari ARMAX slave cylinder
  • OE drive characteristics
  • 12 months 20,000km product warranty
  • Safari ARMAX Engine & Drivetrain warranty*


The Power Module is a 4WD performance chip that safely unleashes power, torque and fuel efficiency lost through factory programming in your vehicle’s on-board computer.

Torqit Pedal Module

A Pedal Torq improves your accelerator response when taking off from a stationary position, assists with overtaking and provides smoother gear changes


You could be wanting to increase the power from your exhaust and receive a deep note. Alternatively, you may be looking to strengthen your touring and towing abilities. With Torqit, you can increase power and torque from your exhaust, while also reducing EGTs. What’s more, the high quality steel ensures extreme strength even in the toughest terrains.


The issue with the OEM top mount intercooler on all 70 Series is that it purely relies on air flow from the bonnet scoop. This is fine at highway speed but at low crawling speed the cooler suffers due to a lack of airflow, this seriously compromises the efficiency of the intercooler. Real world testing proved that without the PWR Performance Thermo Fan Package the OEM intercooler suffered from heat soak which seriously compromised performance. PWR have designed a direct bolt-on alloy shroud and twin thermo fan kit that will fit both the OEM and PWR Elite intercoolers, this kit fits under the OEM bonnet and requires zero cutting. The high performance fans force air down through the core, greatly improving performance across the board and eliminating heat soak while driving at lower speeds.


PWR have designed a direct bolt-on alloy shroud and twin thermo fan kit that will fit both the OEM and PWR Elite intercoolers, this kit fits under the OEM bonnet and requires zero cutting. The high performance fans force air down through the core, greatly improving performance across the board and eliminating heat soak while driving at lower speeds.


The TransChill Transmission dual cooler kit TCD615DPK fits Toyota Landcruiser 200 series models and is designed specifically to reduce excessive transmission heat caused by towing, carrying loads and driving in sand, snow, off-road or hot conditions. HOW IT WORKS - The Direction-Plus™ Transmission Cooler can reduce the temperature of the ATF by as much as 33°C. It’s a reduction of just 11°C that can double the life expectancy of the transmission, ATF and all internal components.


An oil separator is designed to do just that and redirect oil & air from blow-by gas, produced from within the crankcase. This also provides the option of returning the oil back to the sump. PRE FILTER A Pre-Fuel Filter kit between the fuel tank and the O.E.M fuel filter will remove most of the water and particle contamination. This leaves the factory fuel filter to do the final and finer filtration. This ensures you are maximising the protection of your diesel fuel system.


The 70 series Landcruiser is known for how bad the stopping power is from factory. JMACX has now fixed the issue by creating a replacement, this is a double diaphragm booster that is specifically made for the 70 series land cruiser that will increase your vehicles stopping power by up to 30%.


Vehicle Differentials and Transmissions must breathe due to change in temperature. The factory fitted breathers often sit on top of the Diff, which is generally not high enough. If that factory breather goes under water or in mud, the debris can get sucked into your drive chain. Now that literally sucks in the debris in, cause real wear problems and you might find yourself stuck on the road.

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