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Trays & Canopies

Trays and canopies - Baw Automotive
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Trays & Canopies

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We are a Boss Aluminium dealer right here in Queensland!

We trust Boss Aluminium’s 20 years of experience and offer their custom aluminium tray and canopies and subsequently have teamed up to become the dealer for this product right here in Queensland. M-Spec is a culmination of research and development and innovative engineering. Based off Boss Aluminium’s custom tray and canopy solution platform, the new M-Spec design releases the full potential of modular functionality, future proofing any investment into a custom tray and canopy. We also offer the premium range and the 100% Australian Made Boss RT1 Roof Top Tent.

M SPEC Trays

The M-Spec Aluminium Tray range is designed to be sleek and timeless. This design will suit any vehicle.

Lightweight Tray A huge benefit of running an aluminium tray is how much weight you save. Our M1 Full Tray weighs just 157kg and a fully kitted out M4 Full Tray weighs only 212kg.

Modular Built on our M-Spec platform, the M-Spec Tray range is designed to be easily upgraded in the future.

M-Spec Ute Canopy

Gone are the days of permanent installations on your aluminium ute canopy or tray. Want a new fridge or need more storage? Simply unbolt your old components and bolt the new ones in. Our M-Spec Aluminium Ute Trays also have this feature.

M-Spec is over 20 years of research, development and experience that has been put together to create one of the best aluminium ute canopy and tray solutions on the market.

Half Canopy

An aluminium half canopy is large enough to fit accessories such as a fridge or a draw system and provides you with a good amount of usable tray space.

  • 1900W X 765L (mm) For Dual Cab*1850W X 765L (mm) For LC79 Dual Cab
  • Note: Sizing may change to suit vehicle/tray
  • From 85KG

3/4 Canopy

The perfect inbetweener and our most popular dual cab canopy size. We recommend an aluminium 3/4 canopy for those who wish to run spare wheels or jerry can holders on the back as it brings the weight forward and onto the tray.

  • 1900W X 1460L (mm) For Dual Cab*1850W X 1460L (mm) For LC79 Dual Cab
  • Note: Sizing may change to suit vehicle/tray
  • From 144KG

Full Canopy

For maximum storage inside of the canopy. Perfect for complete fitouts keeping your tools and other gear locked away and secure.

  • 1900W X 1800L (mm) For Dual Cab*1850W X 1800L (mm) For LC79 Dual Cab
  • Note: Sizing may change to suit vehicle/tray
  • From 170KG

Premium Tray

More Storage. The Boss Premium Tray provides a lot more than just style. Huge 95 Litre Rear Under Body Boxes with shelving and a 175 Litre Under Tray Drawer.

Included Tray Features

  • 95 Litre Tapered Rear Under Body Boxes With Shelving
  • 175 Litre Under Tray Drawer Including Removable Table Top
  • Front Under Body Boxes To Suit Vehicle (Standard LC79 Not Included)
  • Premium Tapered 1 Piece Mudguards
  • 70 Litre Under-tray food-grade poly water tank
  • Tap Activated 12V Pump
  • 76mm Tubular Headboard With Cab Protection Mesh and Heavy Duty Uprights
  • 4mm Heavy-Duty Checker-Plate Deck
  • Deck Integrated Tie-Down Points
  • Tray-Integrated Lockable Fuel-Filler
  • Stedi Reverse Assist Floodlights
  • Ripple Black Powder Coating
  • Protective decals
  • Eberhard 3 Point Compression Locking System
  • Rear Hoop Sockets
  • Designed for use with our canopy and half canopy range
  • Compatible with modified chassis’ and ute conversions.
  • Features Boss Aluminium’s strong, yet flexible construction design
  • Made from CNC profile cut and folded, marine-grade aluminium
  • TIG and synergic twin-pulse MIG welded

Optional Tray Extras

  • Multifunction Sheet Metal headboard
  • Central Locking
  • Rear hoop
  • Headboard Stainless Water Tank

Optional Sheet Metal Multifunction Headboard

  • The optional sheet metal multifunction headboard opens up a variety of accessories that can be added such as:
  • Side and rear lighting
  • Custom headboard mesh
  • Fuel or water filler integrated into the headboard
  • Optional 85L headboard water tank

M-Spec Pricelist

M-Spec Tray and Canopy Catalogue


  • Free standing 270 Awning
  • 100% Australian Made
  • Lightweight 24kgs
  • Tr-Axis Hinge 12mm Stainless Bolts
  • 10m2 Coverage
  • Wax converters coolabah T/S 304gsm dynaproofed canvas
  • Oversized bag mad of 520gsm PVC

See full catalogue

Boss Aluminium RT1 Rooftop Tent

As with all Boss Aluminium products, the Boss RT1 Rooftop Tent is proudly 100% Australian made and developed with over 20 years of experience. You can simply purchase this product from our Brisbane workshop or we can offer installation for an additional charge.

RT1 Roof Top Tent Catalogue

RT1 Overlander Brochure

RT1 Setup and Care Guide


  • CAD designed with CNC profile cut and folded components
  • Marine grade aluminium hard shell
  • Tig welded
  • Profile designed to optimise function and aesthetics
  • 100% Australian made highest quality canvas
  • Midge/insect proof mesh
  • High quality 70mm thick mattress
  • 4 x internal pockets
  • 2.6m telescopic ladder
  • Access from 3 sides
  • Large rear awning
  • Heavy duty gas struts
  • Closed cell foam insulated roof and floor
  • Marine carpet lined roof and floor
  • Internal body stiffening
  • Automotive rubber weather seals
  • Protection decals
  • Roof rails to mount rack accessories
  • Super tough black powder coat finish
  • Built in magnet on door
  • Cross Brace Poles With Pole Bag OPTIONAL EXTRAS
  • 12 volt socket and twin usb
  • Led White/Orange light - dimmable
  • Premium 100mm thick mattress
  • Aero mesh
  • Roof rack cross rails
  • Sirocco fan and adjustable mounting which can also be used as an ipad mount
  • Slimline 100w insulated solar panel installed
  • Slimline high output 150w insulated solar panel installed
  • Awning mounting kit


Outside Closed: Inside Open: Weight: Roof Load Limit: 2300L x 1450W x 270H (MM) 2165L x 1315W x 1800H Approximately 90 KG


When we get to work on a vehicle, we treat it as our own. With the collaboration between BAW and Boss we can ensure that every build gets the passion and hard work it deserves. A skilled team of professionals who understand the ins and outs of how to provide you with the best tray and canopy solution for your vehicle. Whether you need a canopy, tray or just more storage we can provide a solution unique to you. Call us today and experience the advantage of working with industry leaders.


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