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OffRoad Essentials

Offroad essentials - Baw Automotive
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Offroad ready

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Let us make sure you’re ready and capable to leave the bitumen behind.

Most manufacturers would argue their stock standard vehicles are ready for anything. While there is some amazing 4WD’s on the market, we need to make sure we’re bringing the best out of them. Here’s a few examples of what doesn’t often come with your brand-new car.

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The tie down points vs load rated recovery points

When your vehicle comes of the production line there usually is a set of tie-down recovery points. They aren’t load rate and are purely designed to tie the car down when in transit on a truck bed. They are not designed for vehicle recovery, there is a minimal amount of steel in them.

Rated recovery points by comparison are specifically designed for vehicle recovery and usually specific to your bulbar and bash plates. You also want to make sure they are rated to a specific breaking point, you can tell them by looking at the stamp on the actual recovery point.

Underbody protection or bash plates

Four wheel drive underbody protection or bash plates are an essential part of every build at BAW Automotive. They are designed to protect the underside of your 4X4 from any damage that may be caused whilst exploring. We choose to use Australian Made bash plates in either powder coated steel or stainless steel.

4WD recovery gear

There is a multitude of gear that you can carry, it really varies on what you want to do. We can supply and install a range of products and have access to fantastic Australian made and designed brands.


Brown Davis long range fuel tanks are an engineered solution to enable you to travel further with less fuel stops. They are designed to give maximum fuel capacity without affecting ground clearance, ramp over or departure angle, whilst being exceptionally strong to withstand the most rigorous of conditions. Brown Davis long range tanks allow you to travel to the most remote parts of the globe where the standard tank wouldn’t take you.


As a Safari 4x4 engineering dealer we use and recommend their snorkels. The Safari Armax snorkel is tested on a custom built flow bench, to flow 25% to 70% more air than the stock air cleaner housing flows from the vehicle manufacturer, whilst still providing a watertight raised air intake.

This ensures that if the vehicle owner wishes to increase their vehicle’s engine performance (utilising Engine Management, Exhausts, upgraded Intercoolers etc.), the Safari ARMAX™ Snorkel will provide the necessary airflow required. This is the only product of its type in the world.

The Safari ARMAX™ Snorkels feature:

  • Safari’s own Industrial Spec UV Stabilised Polyethylene
  • Safari’s rounded style Air Ram; however with minimum 4” (101.6mm) neck and an optimised air flow, low restriction grill
  • A Life Time warranty
  • Design and flow tested by our in house engineers for maximum performance


We are seasoned industry professionals with a passion for what we do. We will treat your pride and joy as if it were our own. Contact us today for the best artistry and customer service in Queensland.


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Your questions answered

  • What do accessories do I really need for off roading?

    It really depends on how far you want to go, 4WD accessories are endless! Although all of the joys of modern technology can enhance the experience not all are necessary. At a minimum we would suggest a suspension lift, tyres, snorkel, driveline breathers, Pre Filter/Oil Air Separator, Bar work and a winch.

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