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Interior & Exterior Lighting

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We take lighting seriously – it’s a front to back thing. We work closely with many brands to make sure you’re never in the dark. This one comes down to safety too, and it’s not just about seeing the road ahead. Working lights play a huge part in our builds because they suit a massive array of scenarios and lifestyles.

  • Roadvision
  • Xray vision

We also recommend upgrading the lighting on the inside. Lets get brighter, clearer and longer lasting light sorted!


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Your questions answered

  • What are the best beam for Spotlights or Driving Lights?

    Driving or Spotlights are usually fitted as a pair Spread beam driving lights are idea for seeing a wide area in front of the vehicle. The beam is wide and even and perfect for off-road use. Pencil beam driving lights are ideal for long distance (think long outback roads with no traffic).

  • IP Ratings - What do they mean?

    IP ratings, or Ingress Protection ratings, are standardised and globally recognised ratings of the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against the entry of solid and liquids into the object.

    IP ratings are made up of two numbers. The first indicates the degree of protection against solid particle ingress, and the second is the degree of protection against liquid ingress.

  • Why do you need orange LED camp lighting?

    Bugs… They are attracted to light especially white light, this is a phenomenon called positive phototaxis. Entomologists don’t really know why this exists, but we all know what happens when we are out camping and our led camp lights are on. The reason amber to red lights work as its on a wave length that bugs cant see, but humans can! We use Tri-colour LED Light bars in our builds for 4wd camping lights, they are both dimmable but can change colour back to white when needed.


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