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Keeping your vehicle within legal limits is not only beneficial to avoid those flashing blue and red lights but essential for your warranty and insurance. Working outside of government regulations isn’t something we encourage or install in house.

As the BRISBANE JMACX AUTHORISED INSTALLATION FACILITY. Your vehicle doesn’t have to go anywhere but our workshop! From a 2’’ suspension upgrade, to a coil conversion are installed in our Brisbane workshop by our trade qualified team. If you require a chassis extension or ute conversion we can organise that for you as well. We liaise with the relevant business, organise the logistics and take all the pain away from building your dream 4x4.

For more information please give us a call or head to the JMACX website for a coil conversion kit break down.

*Prices at BAW Automotive may vary slightly or change without notice from the JMACX Website.

Suspension options at baw automotive

  • 70 Series
  • JMACX Track correction diff
  • JMACX 3900 & 4200 GVM Leaf upgrade
  • JMACX 3900 & 4200 GVM Coil Conversion
  • JMACX 4495 GVM (300mm Chassis extension and Coil Conversion)
  • JMACX 300mm Chassis Extension
  • JMACX 6x6 conversion
  • 200 series
  • Kings Shocks GVM Upgrade
  • AEV 4000 & 4200 GVM upgrade
  • ASG 4X4 Dual Cab Conversion

Give Yourself a Better Off-Road Experience with a Suspension Lift

If you spend a lot of time off-roading in your truck, your vehicle could probably benefit from a suspension lift. Suspension upgrades are one of the most common types of 4x4 upgrades and for good reason. At BAW Automotive, we can help you with a range of different suspension upgrades. We're especially adept at Toyota Landcruiser suspension services, whether you're looking for a 79 Series coil conversion or a 200 Series GVM upgrade.

The Importance of Suspension Lift Upgrades

Why are suspension lift upgrades so important for off-road enthusiasts? Here are a few big reasons to invest in a proper suspension upgrade before traversing rugged terrain in your vehicle:

  • Added ground clearance. A suspension lift gives your vehicle more ground clearance. Getting your truck further off the ground not only allows you to install larger wheels and tyres (another popular 4x4 upgrade) but also helps you avoid undercarriage damage from big boulders, stumps and other unforeseen obstacles that you might encounter out in the outback.
  • Better durability. Off-roading puts a good deal of strain on your suspension—more than your vehicle was designed to bear. A suspension upgrade can replace existing parts with thicker and heavier-duty versions, creating something that can take the extra wear and tear that rugged trail journeys will inevitably bring.
  • Higher load capacity. When you load up your truck with much weight, the suspension does most of the work to bear that weight. Excessive loads run the risk of damaging your suspension or causing it to bottom out while you're driving. A suspension upgrade provides extra load capacity—great if you're hauling stuff out into the bush for an off-the-grid camping trek.

In addition to these benefits, a suspension lift can also keep your vehicle legally compliant and within bounds for insurance and warranty coverage.

What Can You Expect from BAW Automotive Regarding Your Suspension upgrade?

Whether you're after a two-inch lift or a 76 Series coil conversion, you can expect nothing but the best from our team at BAW Automotive. Here are a few things we pledge to do for you:

  • We'll keep you in the loop. We pride ourselves on our sterling customer service and consistent communication. At all times, you'll know exactly what's going on with your vehicle and when your upgrade is likely to be finished.
  • We'll keep you compliant. With any after-market improvements, it's important to make sure you are working with a reputable technician who knows how to carry out the upgrades without overstepping legal boundaries, voiding your warranty, or doing something your insurance company won't appreciate. We know how to balance the off-road thrills our upgrades provide with the responsibility of staying legal and smart.
  • We'll love every minute of it. Simply put, we are passionate about what we do. We love working on off-road upgrades and helping our customer's build their dream 4x4s. Every car we work on, we treat it like our own. We won't sign off on any upgrade that we wouldn't trust with our off-road adventures.

About BAW Automotive

This business began a few years ago as a part-time exploit on Gumtree and Facebook. A huge uptick in business, thanks mostly to terrific word of mouth, told us we were doing something right. Today, we're happy to help customers with all 4x4 upgrades. Call us today to learn more.

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