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Keep It Clean

Keep it shiny - Baw Automotive
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Ceramic Coating and Window Tinting

We have officially made sure you’re going to get down any trail, beach, mountain or desert AND back. Usually getting all the mud and sand off is an afterthought. We work with some fantastic Brisbane based companies to give the exterior of your vehicle the best possible chance to look just the way it did the day you picked it up.

Window tinting and ceramic coating are two of the biggest things that are going to assist in keeping your vehicle in tip top condition, wherever you plan on taking it.

If you’re looking to improve the exterior in terms of a whole new paint job, vinyl wrap, or chrome delete – we’ve got that covered too.

We can supply and install your preferred seat covers and floor mats too, so you can drive straight out of our workshop and into the mud.

Our professional detailers will ensure any evidence of you leaving the bitumen is removed. The our professional painters make sure that your chassis is painted better than factory with 2PAC baked enamel and cavity wax rust protection. And also look after all of our chrome deletes and custom painting requirements.

  • ERPS electronic rust protection
  • Ceramic window tint
  • Floor Mats
  • Seat Covers
  • Ceramic Paint Protection
  • Custom professional detailing


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Your questions answered

  • What's the best rust protection for your 4wd?

    ERPS With over 20 years of experience, this electronic system aims to replace lost electrons in steel using negative charge, ultimately reducing the rate of corrosion backed by a 10 year guarantee.

  • Is paint protection worth it?

    Yes. At BAW Automotive we have had CQuartz Finest ceramic coating (installed by A1 detailing for 2 years) we have personally seen the results. With the 79 being used as our daily (with children) and a trip to the Simpson Desert. We can honestly say we are thoroughly impressed with the results. After investing in a full custom respray we wanted the investment to last. Our paint looks as new ! The reflective, durable and protective coating delivers results.

  • What are the best floor mats?

    We use Sandgrabba. As a Queensland business we strive to use Australian made and owned in the brands and No Bull Accessories has been manufacturing in Queensland for 25 years.

  • Why choose ceramic window tint?

    Ceramic tint gives glass structural stability making it less susceptible to scratches. It also has a higher heat reduction, whilst not adding as much stress on the glass as traditional window tint.

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