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GVM Upgrades & Chassis Extensions

GVM Upgrades & Chassis Extensions - Baw Automotive
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GVM Upgrades & Chassis Extensions

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Keeping your vehicle within legal limits is not only beneficial to avoid those flashing red and blue lights, but essential for your warranty and insurance. Working outside of government regulations is not something we encourage anybody to do – and we certainly will not accept it in our workshop. This has a lot to do with safety too – that is one thing you should not be risking.

We are the BRISBANE JMACX AUTHORISED INSTALLATION FACILITY. This means your vehicle does not have to go anywhere but our Brisbane workshop! Your GVM upgrade is installed in our Brisbane workshop by our trade qualified team.

If you require a chassis extension or ute conversion, we can organise that for you as well. We liaise with the relevant businesses, organise the logistics and take all the pain away from building your dream 4X4. For more information please a give us a call.

gvm upgrades are something we do with the following brands.

  • EFS
  • ARB

As a Brisbane JMACX authorised installation facility – here’s what we can get you sorted with in our own workshop.


  • 70 SERIES  LANDCRUSIER fabricated track correction leaf diff
  • 79 SERIES LANDCRUSIER JMACX 300mm Chassis Extension
  • 79 SERIES LANDCRUSIER 3900 & 4200 GVM Leaf upgrade
  • 70 SERIES  LANDCRUSIER 3900 & 4200 GVM Coil Conversion
  • 79 SERIES LANDCRUSIER 4495 GVM (300mm  Super Chassis extension and Coil Conversion)
  • 79 SERIES LANDCRUSIER 6x6 conversion
  • DS 1500 DODGE RAM 4200 GVM

JMACX is the innovator and industry leader in coil conversions/GVM upgrades for the ultimate Landcruiser. Giving you the strongest coil conversion on the market with full engineering and road legal in Australia for up to 4inches of lift and 35inch tyres. With the GVM upgrade this is the ultimate suspension upgrade for outback tourers, commercial vehicles and the weekend warrior. Tested and proven in some of the world’s harshest conditions.

Prices at BAW Automotive may vary slightly or change without notice from the JMACX Website.

Need to work out the correct GVM for your vehicle? Feel free to call us on 0417 783 415 or check out GVM Calculator.

Gross Vehicle Mass refers to the maximum a (fully loaded) vehicle can weigh. These totals are published by each manufacturer. Subtracting the Kerb Weight from the GVM provides the total load the vehicle can carry. This includes the combined weight of the occupants, fuel in the tanks and the weight of your accessories – such as front and rear bars, roof racks and canopies.

Exceeding the maximum GVM renders your vehicle as unroadworthy and it will not meet insurance requirements. It’s also not safe!

An approved GVM upgrade can increase the legal load capacity without losing performance or handling.

A typical GVM Upgrade includes:

  • Heavy duty coil or leaf springs front and rear
  • New shocks front and rear
  • A revised compliance plate and tyre placard.
  • An upgraded diff housing (Landcruiser and RAM 1500)
  • Load rated rims and tyres
  • Brake booster upgrade
  • Clutch


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Your questions answered

  • What is involved in a GVM upgrade?

    A GVM upgrade varies for each vehicle, most aftermarket upgrades include coil springs, leaf springs, U-bolts to name a few.

    Such upgrades as with JMACX, Upper/Lower control arms, Panard, radius arms, diff upgrade brake booster and airbags are included also.

  • Do I need a GVM upgrade?

    Every 4X4 vehicle has different load ratings, which can be found in your owner’s manual.  You would need to take into consideration whether the load is placed over the front half or rear half of your vehicle.   Your vehicle manufacturer would have set limits for both front and rear axles as well as the total weight of the vehicle (GVM).  You also need to consider if you will be towing a trailer or caravan, and ensure that towing capacity (braked) also doesn’t exceed the manufacturer ratings. If you exceed the rating for any of these loads, then you need a GVM upgrade.

  • Does a GVM upgrade increase GCM?

    The short answer is, no. The best unit of measurement is to consider your BTC (brake tow capacity) and axel load rating.

    In accordance with the current legislation the Federal Australian Government doesn’t approve or endorse any purported change to light vehicles GCM specifications by second stage manufacturers, Source: Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development. See link

  • Are GVM upgrades legal?

    Yes. The Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development (the department) administers the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (the Act). The Act requires a new road vehicle to comply with national vehicle standards known as the Australian Design Rules (ADRs), and to have an identification plate that confirms that the vehicle complies with the ADRs, before it can be supplied to the market for use in transport. The ADRs focus on performance and design requirements, leaving detail of design to prudent engineering practice by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), which is based on extensive testing and expert experience.

    Source: Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development. See link

  • What does SSM mean?

    SSM is an abbreviation for “ second stage of manufacture”.

    SSM is a federally approved modification that can only apply to a new vehicle that hasn’t been registered.

    Manufacturers apply, test and meet all conditions put to them by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development . An Identification Plate Approval (IPA) is issued under the Act when a road vehicle meets all the applicable ADRs

  • Can I upgrade towing capacity?

    Yes. The JMACX 4495 super chassis for the 79 series landcruiser kit now giving you the highest GVM available on a light vehicle licence also with a tow increase to 4000kg. If you add an automatic conversion this can be increased to 4500kg.

  • Why does BAW Automotive paint and cavity wax after a chassis extension?

    Although paint is applied by the fabricator once the extension is complete, we like to take it to the next level. We ship the vehicle to a professional painter that strips and paint the entire chassis. A 2 PAC satin black is applied. Then cavity wax and rust protection is applied throughout the entire chassis.

  • Why choose JMACX?

    Extensive research and development with SSM Approval all of JMACX GVM upgrades and coil conversions means that not only are JMACX products full approved with engineering for PRE and POST REGO Vehicles , but it also offers one of Australia’s largest GVM increases with the appropriate axle load ratings for the VDJ land cruiser range.

    Source: Jmacx See link


    The 5 link suspension system has been used by all Major vehicle companies for many years now, meaning it has been tested and proven itself as a capable geometry set-up . The biggest advantage to the 5 link suspension set-up is its load carrying ability from the REAR PANHARD ( the 5th link ) this allows the rear differential to stay fixed and stabilised when cornering or with any side load on the vehicle , without this rear Panhard the differential would be able to move freely side to side from the chassis this would be suitable for light vehicles with low centre of gravity , rock crawling 4wd or a drag car that needs to only go in a straight line.

    However when it comes to a heavy load carrying vehicle this would not be safe as it would not be able to support the side load on the suspension set-up hence where the 5 link came out on top. The 70 series is a load carrying vehicle with a high centre of gravity so the rear Panhard is a must to keep the suspension centred.

    Source: Jmacx See link

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