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Complete custom 4x4

Ready to buy a brand new car and go “all in”? We can liaise with your car salesperson to install your accessories before you pick up your vehicle and organise the build under your finance.

Don’t have a car dealership to liaise with? We can connect you with one.

Need a finance contact? We have a broker we can recommend.

There’s nothing worse than driving all over the countryside taking your vehicle to numerous aftermarket accessory specialists to build a complete 4X4. We can help you design, fabricate and install every aspect of your build. Custom and unique solutions is what we do best. Tell us about your dream off road adventure and let us help you get to your destination sooner.

Create Your Dream 4x4 with Our Custom Off-Roader Upgrades

Have you ever thought of what your custom off-roader would be? What features would it have? How would it look? What would make it different from every other 4x4 on the roads or out tearing up the trails? At BAW Automotive, we can help you answer these questions. We offer an array of custom 4x4 services, all designed to give you the off-road monster you've always wanted but never dared to believe you could have in your possession

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding 4x4 Custom Upgrades

If you've decided that you are going to put some money into building the perfect 4x4, here are a few common pitfalls that our team at BAW Automotive can help you avoid:

  • Much time and legwork. When you buy a family car, you don't just purchase the first thing you find and then spend your time and money trying to make it perfect for your purposes. Instead, you shop around and try to get all the features you want right away so that when you drive that thing home for the first time, it's precisely what you wanted. The same should be true for an off-roader, and it's a concept we help our customers realise. When you buy your next vehicle, we can liaise with the salesperson to install all the upgrades and new features you want before you pick up the vehicle and drive it home . You save the money and time you would have spent driving around to different garages and getting separate upgrades done.
  • Financing challenges. Doing all the upgrades necessary to make your custom 4WD dreams come true can be pricy. The good news is that you don't have to pay all those expenses out of pocket. If you need financing, we can put you in touch with a broker whom our customers have collaborated with on numerous occasions.
  • Settling for less. Don't ever assume that your ideal off-roader can't be fabricated. Rather than settling for something that meets most of your wants and needs, tell us precisely what you're looking for, and we will work hard to bring it to life for you.

What Sets BAW Automotive Apart Regarding 4WD Custom Work?

If you're looking for a partner for your 4WD custom project, here are a few factors that set BAW Automotive apart from our competitors:

  • Our devotion to the customer's vision. We like to say that every vehicle we build is like we're building our own car. We give 110 percent to our customers because we know we'd want the same thing if we were hiring a 4x4 custom fabrication shop.
  • Our communication. Few things are more frustrating than dropping your vehicle off for upgrades and then not hearing about it again until weeks later. We provide consistent communication updates to make sure you are always in the loop with the progress of our upgrades.
  • Our visitor's welcome policy. Most upgrade shops won't let you near the work while it's happening. We're different in that we allow customers to visit the workshop to see the progress on their 4x4 upgrades.

Why Trust BAW Automotive for Your Custom Off-Roader Project?

We have been in business for three years. During each of the first two years, we doubled our business. In year three, we replicated our second-year growth. These growth numbers tell us that we are doing something right, and we think you'll agree. Contact us today to get started.

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