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The primary function of barwork is protection. A bullbar serves as the first line of defence, protecting vital engine components in the event of an animal collision whilst travelling in Outback Australia. In the instance of side steps/rock sliders, it protects the sill and panel work on your offroad adventures, whilst making it easier to get into your vehicle. Aftermarket rear bars, serve a few functions, carrying a spare tyre and fuel or water jerry cans. It can also increase the clearance in the rear of the vehicle.

Bull bars also serve purpose in mounting 4×4 accessories including driving lights, winches and UHF antennas.

Brands we work with:

  • ARB
  • JUNGLE 4X4
  • PIAK
  • TJM


Our business sets out to create grin-worthy vehicles; the kind that leaves onlookers awe-struck. But it is not all about look, we ensure that any bar upgrades deliver the quality results it needs to, every time. 0417 783 415 and take advantage of the exceptional quality we provide in all things custom vehicle builds.


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Your questions answered

  • What is a bullbar?

    Basically, a bull bar is a large piece of fabricated steel which has been designed to protect the front of your 4wd in an event a collision which may damage the engine and its components. They are typically used for 4x4 touring to help protect against animal strikes, or those who frequently offroad and need to protect their 4WD from debris.

  • What style of bullbar do I need?

    It really comes to the overall aesthetic and the way you are using your vehicle. With steel bumper replacements becoming increasingly popular these provide minimal protection but change the aesthetic of your vehicle and can accommodate a winch. Hooped bullbars are the obvious choice when trying to protect against animal strikes as these offer protections across your headlights and grill.

  • Do I need to upgrade my suspension when installing a bullbar?

    It is highly recommended that you upgrade the stock suspension when added any heavy aftermarket accessories. Your stock suspension is simply not designed to carry the extra weight of a bullbar or aftermarket accessories. Usually you will notice an extra 15-20mm drop in the front suspension. The front end will feel softer, handling and braking will be compromised.

  • Should I mount accessories to my bullbar?

    As specialists in aftermarket accessories, we enjoy modifying your 4wd to make it unique. Some bullbars have to be removed to install accessories, other accessories can be installed with the bullbar already installed. One thing is for certain that a high-quality installation is achieved when accessories like lights, winches and antennas are installed at the same time as your bullbar installation.

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