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More volume – more bass – more entertaining.

It’s no secret when building a custom 4x4 that the installation of an aftermarket stereo is high on the wish list. When spending hours touring Outback Australia a high - quality off road audio system will certainly add to the experience whilst enjoying the best Australia has to offer.

Sound proofing you 4wd is the first step for real wow factor when it comes to the interior of your car. From there we recommend moving toward an aftermarket head unit with a reverse camera, front and rear speakers complimented by a subwoofer and amplifier – tucked away out of sight.

Will many brands and options to choose from we have tested a range of head units, speakers and amps to make you get the best result.

For speakers, amps and subwoofers we use Focal Australia

For speaker pods and subboxes we use Console Online

For headunits we use Kenwood


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Your questions answered

  • How do I choose the right stereo system?

    Depending on what you want from your vehicle's stereo, the possibilities are almost endless. You have to consider the space available to you within the vehicle, what type of music that you want to listen to and how much you want to invest into the overall system.

  • Will I notice a difference if I sound deaden my 4WD?

    Landcruisers are notorious for being loud and noisy when touring. As these vehicles have very limited deadening in them from factory, there is a significant improvement in the decibel rating within the cabin. This is particularly evident on dirt or rutted surfaces where there can be an improvement of 10 or more decibels. On sealed surfaces, we have results of around 3 decibels.

  • What’s included in a stereo upgrade?

    Typically a stereo upgrade includes the following:

    • Headunit
    • Speakers
    • Subwoofer
    • Amp
    • Sound deadening
  • What's is Sound Deadening

    Designed to dampen vibrations and rattles and stops the vehicle sounding ‘tinny’. The second stage is designed to act as a sound and thermal barrier, whether it be road, exhaust or engine noise.

  • What's a head unit?

    At the heart of all systems, is the “Head Unit”. The Head Unit is an integral part of the vehicles overall stereo sound. This is where the amplifiers and speakers will be connected and therefore, where you will control the output and quality of the sound.

  • Are aftermarket speakers worth the money?

    Aftermarket speakers provide more sound capabilities by having a larger response frequency. There are other types of speakers, such as tweeters and subwoofers. Tweeters are small speakers that help to improve the quality of higher sound frequencies and don’t draw much power. Subwoofers are the opposite of tweeters as they require large amounts of power and are designed to produce low frequencies or bass. Subwoofers require an amplifier to run and are fitted to a specifically designed box.

  • How do Amplifiers work?

    Amplifiers boost the signal power, resulting in a clearer sound with more volume available whilst eliminating distortion. In order to run an amplifier, the head unit must have RCA outputs to connect to the amplifier.

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