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I need some air - Baw Automotive
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Wireless Airbags

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Air suspension is what you need to consider if you will ever haul or carry heavy or uneven loads. This is where we want to avoid sag and poor handling. By installing air suspension to your vehicle, you can take advantage of an array of features which include adjustable levelling control, eliminating spring sag, safer load carrying and towing, more effective braking, improved steering and handling, stabilise body roll and reduce tyre wear – reducing maintenance costs.

  • Air tank
  • On board compressor
  • Air bags
  • In cab air controls


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Your questions answered

  • Is air suspension good for off-road?

    Yes. If you are 4wding with passengers and your vehicle was sitting low, sagged and uneven, then you are losing suspension travel due to the weight on the vehicle shortening the gap between your chassis and axle, therefore leaving you to potentially bottom out. If you add our airbags & inflate them to return your vehicle back to its level ride height position you are eliminating that factor and gaining back the travel/flex that you lost when under load.

  • Will Airbags bend or crack my chassis?

    NO! A cracked or bent chassis can only occur with Excessive Load (Over Loading) and positioning of load as well as vehicle operation. See below PDF Download from 3rd party engineers who have completed a chassis analysis report on how bent chassis can occur. This was tested with and without air suspension installed, with over 20 years of Airbag Man and working with air suspension and thousands of satisfied customers we have never come across our air suspension being the cause of a bent chassis.

    Airbagman airbags are positioned where the vehicle manufacturer expects the bump stop impact load to be taken.

    THE INCORRECT RUMOUR - “If you fit airbag suspension to your vehicle it will bend the chassis”

    INDEPENDENT ENGINEERING ANALYSIS RESULT - “Fitment and use of Airbag Man air helper suspension WILL NOT adversely affect the vehicle chassis”Vehicles with and without airbags have experienced chassis damage.Excessive load and or an unusual operation is usually the cause vehicle or chassis damage.

  • Can you adjust air suspension when driving?

    Yes, we installed “in cab air controls” that are easily accessible in cab. These are usually factory style switches that mimic the look and feel of your genuine switches in your vehicle.

  • How much does it cost to install airbags?

    It all depends on the vehicle and the installer, our coil helper kits range from 1-4 hours fitting time and our leaf helper and full coil replacement kits 2-4 hours fitting time. The price will be determined on fitting time and hourly rate of the installer which can vary depending on where you go. Fitting times above are based on airbag kits with manual inflation valves only, extra time and cost will be added for optional on board air control systems.

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