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200 & 300 Series Dual Cab Conversion

200 & 300 Series Dual Cab Conversion - Baw Automotive
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200 Series Dual Cab Conversion

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300 Series Dual Cab Conversion is in DEVELOPMENT and will be ready for sale in the next few months

We utilise the expertise of Creative Conversions as the second stage vehicle manufacturer specialising in Landcruiser conversions. With 30 years of experience and thousands of conversions completed right here in Brisbane makes the collaboration process seamless.

Located on Brendale, 20 mins from BAW Automotive partnering with Creative Conversions to complete this part of a build.

Dual Cab Conversion includes Cabin conversion, Colour match automotive paint as per new vehicle, rustproofing, interior trim, 12 months warranty on back to workshop basis for all work.

There are a few options and angles to go on with this – so it’s best to shoot us an email to so that we can set up a time to go through it with you.

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Your questions answered

  • Do 200 Series conversion come in different lengths?
    • Standard: Designed for customers who don’t want a longer wheelbase. An advantage to this type of conversion is that the departure approach and ramp over angles remain the same
    • Midi: (which is what is showcased on the BAW Chopped 200 Series)- A 350mm extended wheel base conversion, this doesn’t have wheel arch toolboxes
    • Long: Options include 650mm, 750mm or 850mm. This is designed for customers who want a full size tray on a dual cab ute.
  • How long does the conversion process take?

    Once your vehicle is in the workshop the process from wagon to dual cab conversion including suspension upgrade take approximately 3 months.

  • What GVM options are available in dual cab conversions?

    A wide range of suspension brands are available with 30-50mm of lift. GVMs are available in 3880kg, 4200kg and 4490kg (diff upgrade).

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