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Introducing the BAW Battery Bracket for Invicta Lithium: Your Ultimate Under Bonnet Security Solution! Ensure your peace of mind with our robust battery bracket, meticulously designed to securely house the Invicta Lithium battery under your vehicle's bonnet. Crafted from durable materials, this bracket offers unparalleled strength and reliability, keeping your battery firmly in place even during the most rugged off-road adventures.


Say goodbye to battery movement and instability with our precision-engineered bracket. It's not just about security; it's about enhancing your vehicle's efficiency and safety. Install with ease and rest assured knowing your battery is protected against vibrations and impacts, ensuring optimal performance in any terrain.


Equip your rig with the BAW Battery Bracket for Invicta Lithium today and experience the confidence of a securely housed battery, ready to power your adventures wherever they take you!

BAW Battery Bracket - For Invicta Lithium

GST Included
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