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The 2024 Toyota Hilux GR Sport: A Phenomenon or all Hype?

A Toyota hilux on a dirt road
THE 2024 TOYOTA HILUX GR SPORT: Will it reign supreme?

Queenslanders, hold onto your hats – the Toyota HiLux GR Sport is rolling in and making waves! With a jaw-dropping 1600 orders in just two months, this isn’t just a truck; it's an Australian sensation. Those first deposits have marked its grand entry into the showrooms, but here's a heads up: patience is a virtue. Current wait times are projected between four to six months!

Let's do the math. Toyota Australia has pinned the annual sales forecast of the GR Sport at 3,500. That's around five per cent of all HiLux deliveries, drawing inspiration from last year's numbers. Priced from $73,990 plus on-road costs, it's easily the priciest HiLux to grace our shores. In fact, it’s $3,230 pricier than the current top-of-the-line HiLux Rogue and a whopping $9,000 more than our last high-performance HiLux from the archives, the TRD 4000SL of 2009.

Wondering what's different? This isn't your standard HiLux GR Sport that you might have spotted overseas. Toyota has gone the extra mile for Aussies – adding a revamped suspension, striking styling upgrades, and a significant bump in power and torque. While the rest of the world has to make do, our GR Sport packs a punch with 165kW/550Nm against the regular 150kW/500Nm. And if that's not all, it’s paired with the Rogue’s expansive wheel track. But before you jump on the GR Sport bandwagon, a quick note: If you're thinking Toyota might spread the GR Sport's 165kW/550Nm turbo-diesel magic to other models like the HiLux Rogue, pump those brakes! Despite its introduction in the related Toyota Fortuner in Thailand, it's staying exclusive to the GR Sport in Australia.

Now, for those eyeing the HiLux SR, SR5, and Rogue: some electrifying news! These models are set to receive a 48-volt mild-hybrid boost early next year. But a word of caution from Toyota Australia: this isn’t your conventional Toyota 'hybrid'. It's something special but won't be branded as their typical hybrid.

In summary? The 2024 Toyota HiLux GR Sport is setting the Aussie automotive scene alight. So whether you're in the outback or downtown Sydney, keep an eye out. Because this is a ride that promises, and then delivers!

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