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What will life be like in the new 300 series

Baw Auto - Life like in the new 300 series
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What will life be like in the new 300 series

Do you see yourself in the LC300? Here in Australia, we’re not the only ones that seem to hold on to a car brand and turn it into a tradition. As far as Toyota LandCruisers go – Australians have let them run through their blood for generations. There’s a few sneaky photos you may have come across, showcasing what the new 300 series may very well look like, but we know that’s not the biggest topic here.

You cannot deny that the majority of buyers in this particular field will hardly ever require the power the 200 Series puts out… that doesn’t mean we don’t like to have it – which it seems we will, whatever form it comes in. The only thing we do come up against in Australia is the availability of unleaded fuel. Sure, it’s almost everywhere diesel is, and you can do your trip to the tip without a jerry can – but you won’t find anything up there beyond 91 and consistently pay through the roof for it. We need to keep in touch with big brands and their awfully specific goals of emitting zero co2 though – Toyota is aiming for 2050.

There is one thing that’s caught our attention here regarding one of the models. The GR-Sport looks to go down the route of a Rugged Hilux, with adjustments to suspension, underbody protection/ bash plates and an off-road tyre. It makes you wonder if those few seemingly aesthetic things will be worth the price a dealership is going to want from you – and how much more you could get aftermarket, by choosing a less expensive spec and having it all done to your own taste by somebody like us (obviously).

We’re actually super curious here at BAW in Brisbane – as to how the amazing companies we work with are navigating through the engineering process of front a rear bars. There’s a lot of space there to fill and more sensors than ever to toy with the testing process. Modifications and accessories for custom builds take time to design and produce, regardless of brand.

We’ll remain in neutral and maintain limited opinions until there’s more facts – be it online or not. That doesn’t mean we aren’t excited for the next generation of tradition and all-round adventure because lets be real here – we’re in the business of creating custom vehicles that you can make memories in, and we want them to suit the lifestyle you live. Whether it’s touring on or off-road, getting down and dirty on those 4X4 trails or exploring your local parks - the LC200 was and always will be something to be admired, and we’re sure there’s plenty of memories to be made in whichever vehicle you get out there in.